Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Yorkshire Class

Hello wonderful Yorkshire! 


It has been really lovely being able to chat to most of you on the phone this week and hear your happy, cheerful voices! It really has put a smile on my face getting to hear about the things you have been doing. I know most of you have been getting out and enjoying the sun this week - lots of muddy walks, bike rides, river jumping and exploring! I know lots of you have also been enjoying ice lollies and ice cream to help keep you cool in the sun. I also know many of you have done baking since you have been at home - scones, biscuits, cakes, cupcakes, bacon and cheese puffs etc. so I thought I would get involved and do some of my own :) I also continued doing some drawing this week, although it isn't finished. Another superhero favourite of mine - Ironman! It is half term next week and I hope you all have a really lovely break spent with fun, laughter and time with your families before next term begins when some of you may be returning to school. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you all for your hard work during your time at home and to your families also, for working so hard to support you and continuing to help you learn. You are all superstars and I am so unbelievably proud of every single one of you! Have a lovely half term and I look forward to speaking to you all soon! 


Love from 

Miss Beasley xx






Seasonal Writing

Exploring Why We Have Seasons

We explored the tilt of the Earth and learnt about how this impacts on the weather we see in the seasons. The children produced some amazing diagrams of the sunlight on the Earth. 

Making Ocean Grabbers

Because we have been looking at taking care of the environment and Antarctica, we decided to investigate how we could create a machine to go down to the ocean's floor and collect soil samples for scientists to analyse. We had to think about the properties of the materials we were using and concluded we would need a metal or plastic machine which had a mechanism to allow the grabber to move. 

Healthy Eating Roadshow

We had a fun healthy eating roadshow come in where we took part in some exercises before looking at different healthy foods. We learnt that we should be having 5 pieces of fruit and vegetables every day. 3 children were picked from the audience and given roles by the top chef. They got to make banana milkshakes using bananas, honey and milk. Everyone then got given some to drink and they were delicious! 

Exploring the Hailstorm of August 1956!

In Tunbridge Wells in 1956 there was a huge hailstorm. We had a chance to investigate photos and newspaper articles and thought about questions we might like to ask to find out more about this event. We learnt that this took place in August which would normally be summer! 

Exploring Shadows and the Earth's Movement

We started with the question: does the sun move? We then went outside and investigated our shadows and how they change throughout the day. We learnt that the sun doesn't move and that we actually orbit and move around the sun. We then looked about the length of the day and the length of a year and how the position of the Earth and its movement causes this. 

Chloe P A helps plant summer bulbs today

Still image for this video

The Emperor's Egg

Bethan Woollvin

Ladder Making

Role Play and Map Exploration

What have Yorkshire been doing?

This term we have been exploring Shirley Hughes book of poems "Out and About." In English we have been looking at using our senses to describe the things we might be able to hear, see and feel in each season. I have been truly amazed by the descriptive writing the children have produced. In Maths we have been exploring multiplication and division and have begun to explore fractions. In Art we have been studying the artist Andy Goldsworthy and his use of natural materials to create stunning artworks. We have used watercolour paints to create beautiful spring pictures. In Science we have been exploring the seasons further, looking at the tilt of the Earth and the impact this has on the weather we experience during the seasons. We also had a chance to go outside and investigate how our shadows move during the day and why this is. In History we have been researching how the Victorians kept warm in cold weather, the great hailstorm which happened in Tunbridge Wells in 1956 and we have researched Grace Darling and why she is a significant individual of the past. 


This Week's Notices 




  • Please ensure that your child’s wellies are back in school and labelled and on their pegs for Outdoor Learning.
  • Please can you also ensure that your child has the appropriate seasonal P.E kit with every item labelled.
  •  Just a reminder, Show and Tell is on a Wednesday for Year 1 each week. If your child wishes to bring in something for Show and Tell please ensure it is linked to our current learning.
  • To ensure our Reading areas are exciting and engaging we would really like to put up some photos of the children reading in a special/comfortable place. We would be really grateful if you could take a photo of your child reading in their favourite place and give it to their class teacher to put up on display. 
  • Reading Records and books need to be returned to school on a Wednesday to be changed and they are then given back out on a Thursday.


Thank you,

The Year 1 Team.