Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Global Citizenship Ambassadors

What is Global Citizenship? 


Oxfam provides a practical definition of a Global Citizen, describing them as someone who possesses several key attributes:

  1. Awareness of the global context and a sense of responsibility as a world citizen.

  2. Respect and appreciation for diversity.

  3. Understanding of the global mechanisms at play.

  4. A strong aversion to social injustice.

  5. Active involvement in communities at various levels, from local to global.

  6. A willingness to take action to foster a fair and sustainable world.

  7. A commitment to taking responsibility for their actions.


In order to effectively embrace global citizenship, young individuals must exhibit qualities such as adaptability, creativity, and proactivity. They should be equipped with problem-solving skills, decision-making abilities, critical thinking, effective communication, and the capacity to collaborate within teams and groups. These competencies and attributes are increasingly acknowledged as essential not only for global citizenship but also for success in various aspects of 21st-century life, including many professional environments.


What does Global Citizenship look like at Southborough:

In the classroom, these themes are explored through a diverse and continuously evolving set of interactive teaching and learning methods, including structured discussions, debates, role-play and ranking exercises. 


It's essential to emphasise that education for global citizenship does not impose a single set of answers, values, or attitudes. Instead, it encourages children and young people to embark on a journey of exploring, cultivating, and expressing their own values and opinions while also fostering the practice of listening to and respecting the viewpoints of others. This approach is a significant step toward enabling children and young people to make informed choices regarding how they exercise their rights and fulfill their responsibilities to others.


Our Global Citizens: 

Global Citizens' Week 


As part of the school’s goal to make every child in the school a Global Citizen, we had Global Citizens’ week. Every child in the school learnt about a specific African country. Not only did they learn information about the country, they also learnt about the need to respect other people’s cultures and backgrounds and know that although we have differences, we are all equal. In order to further our growth of Global Citizens, we were raising money and donations for Hope Home Trust. This is an orphanage in Tanzania that provides shelter, food, education and love to children. I’d like to extend the school’s huge thanks to everyone who donated money, clothes, books and shoes to Hope Home Trust. We raised over £550 in donations and the nearly new books and clothes gifted filled a car!