Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Discovery Centre and Sanctuary

The Discovery Centre

The Discovery Centre is a place for exploration and discovery about our world and the universe. It houses our extensive new library, from which teachers and children across the school can borrow books. The Discovery Centre is, however, much more than just our new library! It is also our STEM hub at Southborough. STEM stands for: Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. 

Book Reviews and Book Recommendations

Not sure what to read next? Ask for a book recommendation and we will find something for you! When you complete this form, Miss Wesbroom and our Year 6 Reading Champions will find your next book for you. When your book recommendation is ready, your Discovery Centre Ambassadors will collect your new book and bring it back to your classroom for you.


If you have really enjoyed reading a book from the Discovery Centre, you can also submit a book review! All children are encouraged to submit a book review of a book they have borrowed from our Discovery Centre. Every term, we will select reviews to be displayed alongside book reviews by our Reading Champions in the Discovery Centre.

World Book Day 2024:

The Sanctuary

The Sanctuary is a very special space at the heart of our school where our children can find peace, reflect in prayer and flourish together in Christian community. In the autumn we asked pupils and staff what they would like to see the Sanctuary used for. Their vision is that the Sanctuary becomes a guiding light, a safe harbour, a beacon of hope and a solid foundation for our school community.

Keepers, Ambassadors and Champions

Discovery Centre Ambassadors, Year 6 Keepers and Reading Champions all work together to promote the Discovery Centre, the Sanctuary and reading to children across the school. 


Our Keepers look after the Discovery Centre and the Sanctuary. A Keeper is someone charged with responsibility for the preservation and conservation of something valuable. Our Year 6 children are all invited to apply for the position of Keeper. They work for one term in either the Discovery Centre or the Sanctuary for one lunchtime every week.


Being a Keeper means holding a position of responsibility in our school. We expect that Keepers will promote our school vision in all that they do and become beacons of light in our school community.


For Term 6, Year 6 Keepers will be buddying up with Year 5 to show them what responsibilities they will inherit next year. Watch this space for an update on who these children will be...

Find out who our Keepers this term are and what they are doing below:


Keepers of the Discovery Centre

Our Keepers of the Discovery Centre look after the library in the Discovery Centre and promote the space to children across the school.


Monday (12:30-1:00)Tuesday (12:30-1:00)Thursday (12:30-1:00)Friday (12:30-1:00)


Keepers of the Sanctuary


Watch this space in the warmer months to see who will be looking after the Sanctuary.


Discovery Centre Ambassadors

Our Discovery Centre Ambassadors are children who act as ambassadors for the Discovery Centre in their classroom. An Ambassador is a representative or promoter of a specified activity. Ambassadors help their class teacher to choose new books from the Discovery Centre and they look after their classroom library. All children in Years 1-6 have the opportunity to be the Discovery Centre Ambassador for their class during the school year.


This term, our Discovery Centre Ambassadors are:

Reading Champions

Our Reading Champions promote reading for pleasure across our school. To be a champion means to enthusiastically support or promote a belief, right or principle. Our Reading Champions are responsible for sharing their love of reading and promoting the right to read for pleasure. Every term, our Reading Champions lead an assembly during which they share their love for reading with the whole school.


Reading Champions meet once a week in the Discovery Centre and they are all expected to read lots and write book reviews about the books they have read. As Reading Champions, they have the privilege of being able to use the Discovery Centre during their lunchtimes to read a book, browse the library, write a book review or work on their projects. Find out what they have been up to below:

Reading Champions' Assembly

At the end of each term, Reading Champions lead the Reading Champions' end of term assembly, sharing the books they have been reading with the pupils at Southborough. 


The end of term assembly is an opportunity for Reading Champions to promote reading for pleasure, share their ideas and 'bring a book to life' through their creative projects. 

Term Podcasts

Story Seekers 


The Story Seekers are a group of children from Year 4 who have undergone training to develop their oracy and storytelling skills. Following 8 weeks of training outlined by the National Theatre, the Story Seekers sought out traditional tales from around the world to prepare for their final performance. Click the link below to view their performance of the Ugandan tale, 'How Death Came to the World'.



STEM Club is for Year 3 students to discover the world of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. Throughout the course of 8 weeks, Year 3 will partake in a range of activities, such as:


  • Learn how Mars rovers are built and even have a go on their own using our high-tech Lego sets.
  • Researching the solar system and uncovering the differences between the planets.
  • Creating a VR box of the solar system.
  • Inventing something that helps yourself or others.
  • Looking into the world of STEM using the VR headsets.

Southborough Shadowers


Each year, The Yoto Carnegies host an award for writing and illustration. A small team of Year 5 children have come together to shadow the judges of this competition to decide which book they believe deserves the award the most. The illustrators of these books have set tasks for the shadowers to complete in order to help understand the illustrators' creative processes. Watch this space to find out what the shadowers have been up to...