Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Medical Issues

Medical Issues

Please keep us informed of any medical problems or conditions your child has or develops. Certain illnesses are notifiable by the school to the Health Protection Agency. 


For medical or dental appointments we request  these are made outside the school day. If this is not possible however, we request that a note or relevant appointment card is sent into school prior to the appointment, your child should then be collected from the appropriate school office. Children will not be released from school during school hours without an advance request note or the parent/guardian being present.


If your child is ill it is important that you call the school on the first day, and each subsequent day, to notify us of the reason for the absence. When your child returns to school they should bring a letter as confirmation of their absence. As a general rule, as recommended by Public Health England, we would expect that a child who has been suffering from vomiting or diarrhoea should be kept at home for 48 hours after the symptoms have stopped.


If your child is prescribed a course of treatment which necessitates medicine being taken during the school day, you may come to school at the appropriate time to administer the medicine, or you may request for a first aider at school to administer the medication. If you wish the school to administer any medication it needs to be clearly labelled with the child’s name and in the original dispensed container, and be given to the school secretary along with a completed Parental Agreement for Medicine Form, which can be downloaded below or obtained from the school office.

If you would like to see the school nurse please speak with the school secretary to arrange for a confidential appointment.


We assume that, apart from special circumstances, children fit to come to school are fit to participate in all activities. If your child does need to be excused from PE lessons or playtimes you must either:

a)    send in a note requesting a single exclusion

b)    send in a doctor’s note/certificate for a longer period of exclusion on medical grounds.