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Year 4 Curriculum Map 2023-24

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Week beginning 12.2.24

This week we have started our new book for the term 'The Boy at the Back of the Class'. So far we don't know much about it but we are very excited to find out about the new boy at the school and what is going to make him special. PE is now Mr Borland's best lesson as we are learning about Rugby so we will start being trained up for the England teams! We are learning about comunication in Computing and learnt about morse code. So keep your ears ready for ... --- ...  (SOS)


Home Learning



Keep practicing this at home ready for the start of every music lesson. 





Multiplication Tables


Please revise your 7 and 11 times tables by playing this game: Coconut Multiples  and singing these songs 7 times tables 11 times tables


Practise all your times tables by playing this game: Multiplication Tables Check


Times Tables Rockstars! 

To keep practising the multiplication taught in class, and challenging yourself to keep the ones you already know fresh, don’t forget to log into your Times Tables Rockstars account. Mr Borland in watching and challenging!


Challenge yourself to beat your score, build your knowledge and watch your confidence sore, as you become a Rockstar!

Please ask your class teacher if you need replacement log in details.


Boom Reader


Children in Year 4 should be reading every night for about 20 minutes. Please record on Boom Reader at least once a week. 


Please note: pupil login details have changed slightly due to an upgrade that has taken place on the Accelerated Reader platform. Pupil login details (user name and password) should now be enter in all lower case (no capital letters at all). These login details are used each time your child quizzes a school reading book which carries an accelerated reading quiz code. 




Spellings will be tested every Tuesday. 


Red: wrap, wreck, wrestle, wrist, wrong, write, wrote, wren  


Blue: misbehave, misplace, mislead, misspell, unfair, disagree, undo, inhuman, arrangement, compress  



Accept, except, effect, affect, medal, meddle, wear, where, arrangement, compress  



Here is a link with ideas of how to support your child with spelling: Oxford Owl

Year 4 Spelling List

The list of words above is the words the children need to know by the end of year 4.