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Southborough Church of England Primary School


Year 2 Team

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What have Herefordshire been getting up to this week?

Week beginning 17th January 2022


In English this week, we followed the Starbird on the next section of his journey. As he continued to attempt to escape the enraged Moon King, his journey became more and more perilous. When the Moon King slept he would fly in search of his home. This week he entered the jungle, where he befriended the enchanted creatures!



We looked at the use of 'and' when writing a jungle setting description. Looking over our writing you would be able to see the most wonderful use of descriptive vocabulary using different word types. We wanted to ensure anyone reading our descriptions, could picture the jungle in their head. We used the format:


adjective -> noun -> verb -> adverb


These are just some of the descriptions we came up with:

'lazy panther snoozing calmly'

'ferocious lion roaring loudly'

'camouflaged iguana watching silently'



In Maths, we have been focusing on using coins and notes to make different amounts. We have learnt that we cannot mix these denominations, for example £5 + £1 + 50p + 2p = £6 and 52p. We have been using money to find the difference between amounts as well as finding change. We have recapped how we can use a bar model to represent problems before solving them, helping us to visualise whether we need to add or subtract. Here's an example of a question we solved: 



We are continuing to learn our times tables facts and this week have had such fun creating multiplication flowers. Could you try one at home? 




Please use the below link to find out more about the amazing art Y3 have been creating this term: