Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Week ending 18th June.


It was our last turn for Forest School this week.  We chose all sorts of fun activities like making mud faces, stick creations, making dens and more... 


In Science this week Mrs Bentham showed us some baby caterpillars. They will be staying in Year 1 until they become butterflies, when they will be released into the beautiful, flower-filled Sanctuary.  


In History this week, we have been exploring how Victorian houses are different to more modern houses. We saw photos of Victorian houses in and around Southborough and we have tried to find out more about the ages of our own homes. We also noticed that there were no garages and narrow roads, because cars were only invented near the end of the Victorian era.  Our Geography is also focused on our local area of Southborough and its features - natural (physical) and man-made (human).


We have been learning about the Jewish festival of Channukah in RE and we played a game called "Dreidel".


We worked in small groups with Mrs Clements for Art this week - creating leaves that will be printed on our 3D printer.


Our Head's Hero this week is Charlotte for being such a good role model in her behaviour and effort and achievements in all her work

Week ending 14th May.


In Maths we have been learning about arrays, which have rows and columns.  We have also been spotting these among everyday objects, such as a box of chocolates, eggs in eggboxes or cans of beans on shelves..  For science this week, the children made their first data table and were then able to use this to answer questions.  The data was all about dragons! In Geography we have been learning about London, our capital city of England. Our English, in addition to Read Write Inc, has focused on writing a diary based on our book "How To Find Gold" by Viviane Schwarz. In RE we are learning about Judaism, particularly objects that are precious and significant to Jewish people, such as a Mezuzah on the front door frame, the Menorah candlestick and the Kiddush cup.  We also thought about things that are precious to us in our homes, particularly if they remind us of special people.


Here are some photos from our computing lesson where the children found out how to move images and text boxes around a page in Publisher.


Our Head's Hero this week is Christopher, for some impressive maths - especially counting up to 200 in tens very confidently.  

Week ending 12th March 2021


We've had a fantastic week back, full of hands-on discovery to ease the children back into the routines and systems of learning at school.

Our afternoons have been mainly focused on Mars, learning about the excitement of the successful landing of the Mars Rover, Perseverance.  The children have been studying the surface of Mars and making replicas, they took on the challenge of making a rover out of pasta and finally they made a hinged mechanical arm to scoop up Martian soil.  Have a look at this sway to find out more:



Year 1 Curriculum Overview 2020 - 2021

Week ending 4th December:


We have started a new topic in Maths about 3-D and 2-D shapes.  The children have been busy sorting and organising 3-D shapes into sets.  They have also been spotting these shapes in everyday objects - perhaps they could have a look at home and see if they can identify some, eg.  cylinders (Pringle tubes), cones (traffic cones), cubes (dice), cuboids (boxes)  and spheres (footballs).  


In Geography this week, we have been comparing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and looking at the animal life found there.  We have also been looking at animals in Science and the habitats they live in, particularly the Savannah and our local woodland area.


Our Forest School afternoon was very wet and muddy but there was some shelter and the children had lots of fun! 


We have been busy with our nativity rehearsals too.  Thank you for all your support with this.  We are looking forward to seeing their costumes this week.


Well done to Hector for his Head's Hero award!


Look on the website under Children; Christmas Celebrations for our class's advent calendar film for 8th December.

Some photos of Herefordshire 1 this term so far:

Year 1 Teaching Team

Left to right top row: Mrs Large (Herefordshire Class Teacher), Mr Levett (P.E Specialist and Herefordshire Class Teacher Wednesday AM) 

Left to right bottom row: Miss Beasley (Year 1 Lead and Gloucestershire Class Teacher), Mrs Clements (Art Specialist), Mrs Bentham (Northamptonshire Class Teacher Wednesday - Friday), Mrs McGinley (Northamptonshire Class Teacher Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday PM) 

Year 1 Teaching Assistants