Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Year 1

Year 1 - Supporting your child with reading at home.


Here are some suggestions and links to help you support your child with reading at home.

1). Listen to your child read their school 'reading book' - this will be aligned to their phonic learning journey

  • Decoding - Help your child decode words they are struggling with – ask them:
  • Can you see any special friends? e.g. sh, ng, ay, igh.
  • Can you Fred Talk the word?

Attached below: Set 1, Set 2, Set 3 and additional Sounds Sheet.


  • Comprehension - Help them build their comprehension skills by asking questions/ chatting about what they have read. The RWI bookbag books (used for home readers) have a ‘Retell the Story’ section and ‘Questions to chat about’ at the end of the book. Alternatively use the Parent Reading Questions sheet attached below..


  • Log your reading with your child on Boom Reader, including specific comments e.g.
  • Explained what … word meant.
  • Predicted what would happen on next page and explained why.
  • Struggled to read these words …

Remember you can log any reading you do at home.


2). RWI Homework.

Each week your child will bring home a sheet of words to practise based on a sound they have been learning or revising. Please cut the words up and use to help your child build their ability to:

  • Speedily spot the special friend in the word.
  • Fred talk or ‘Fred in your Head’ the whole word accurately, gradually building up their speed.


3). Read to your child.

Read books that are appropriate to your child’s age but beyond their reading ability. This can help to build their love of reading through more exciting story-lines, whilst chatting about more detailed plots can help to develop their comprehension skills. (See Parent Reading Questions).

The following websites provide great ideas for books appropriate to your child’s age which could be requested from your local library.