Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Trinity Dance Show- Thursday 23rd May – The Stag Theatre


Last night the Southborough dance group took part in the Trinity Dance Show at the Stag Theatre in Sevenoaks. It was a fantastic event with over 350 pupils taking part from all the local primary and secondary schools. The theme of the night was ‘A Night at the Movies’ and the Southborough team produced two incredible performance with their own interpretation of the theme.

The dance group started with ‘Together under the Stars’, a medley of songs by ‘City of Stars’, ‘Tightrope’ and a ‘Thousand Years’. Emily (Cascade Dance) has done a brilliant job choregraphing the group over the last months prior to the performance saying ‘the children really shone through with their performances during the evening, capturing the essence of the theme’.

The dance group then performed ‘It’s Pink’ a song by ‘Pink’ and produced a stunning and colorful rendition of her song, showing great control, balance and a supported lift which was received with applause around the theatre!

It was an incredible evening with all the pupils thoroughly enjoying the experience, embracing the opportunity to perform on stage in front of a live audience. Well done to all the children that took part and thankyou to all the parents for taking the pupils to rehearsals earlier in the day and then to the show in the evening.

A special thank you to Emily for choregraphing the Southborough performances over the last few months and to Mrs Johnson who chaperoned on the night and supporting the team with backstage rotations.

The team were: Yasmin, Poppy, Mariia, Beatrice, Sophie, Abigail, Imogen, Anna, Bella, Isla, Jemima and Clio.