Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


A little message from Miss Silcott, Friday 10th July 2020:

Hello Norfolk 1! 

When I was younger my favourite thing to do was to play ‘teachers’. I had my own chalk board and I used to make my younger sister sit down for hours whilst I ‘taught’ her. When I was in Year 1 I had a fantastic teacher called Mrs Plunkett and she completely inspired me with her creativity and love of teaching. From then on I knew I wanted to be just like her!


I love being a Primary School Teacher because I enjoy learning about and discovering new things myself. I feel privileged to be able to nurture children and to help them grow and flourish. Every child is an individual and has their own unique personality. I love hearing about children’s own personal interests, so that, where possible, we can incorporate these into our classroom to make daily learning interesting and fun, to help all of us achieve things we may not even have considered before.


As your class teacher I will strive to ensure that everybody in the class is confident to speak about and share their ideas. We will all celebrate each other’s successes, and support each other where we can, to give everyone a sense of belonging, and to make everyone feel included in a caring and safe environment where we will create many happy memories together.


Outside of school I love spending time with my family exploring the countryside. I also enjoy going to London with my friends to visit new and interesting places. I love horses and was able to ride horses before I was able to walk! I also have a dog called Penny who is extremely mischievous.


I can’t wait to meet you all and for your Year 2 journey to begin – speak to you very soon! J


 Love Miss Silcott x 


Miss Silcott, the same age as you are now with her favourite teacher Mrs Plunkett

Miss Silcott when she was the same age as you are now, with her favourite teacher, Mrs Plunkett. smiley


Mrs Bentham and Miss Silcott smiley

Story Time with Miss Silcott - Paddington Bear by Michael Bond

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Some of our learning in class last week.

Some examples of children's work from home. Fantastic to see you are recording your working out and trying hard with presentation.

Milo's list of solids, liquids and gasses.
Daniel investigating gloop!
Jessica E working through her maths investigations
Milo figuring it out with cubes.
Milo recording his findings.
Daniel recording his investigation.


It's been a very hot week, but the Norfolk bubble have managed to keep their cool in their new classroom and been busy with plenty of learning.  We have been finding out about arrays and repeated addition in maths and learning about human and physical features in geography.  In English we have been writing some lovely descriptive poems exploring the magical world under the sea. In science we have been looking at oak trees - and admiring the ones in the school grounds.  Here are some pictures of the work that we are proud of and also some photos of the class relaxing in the sunshine.

Wonderful work from the Norfolk bubble this week.

Jessica Prince's lovely writing about seahorses.

We have also been enjoying the sunshine

Wonderful work from Norfolk children working hard at home

Daniel's English task
Jessica getting to grips with this weeks maths.
Niklas's Science investigation.
Milo's marvelous writing.



Norfolk has had a busy week at home and in school.  Here are some great pictures that the children have done in English and Science.  We have been writing about sea monsters and storms at sea and these are the illustrations that went with our writing. In science we have been learning about the life cycle of the dandelion and looking closely at some seeds that we found on the school field.

Storms, sea monsters and plant life cycles from the Norfolk Bubble this week.

Here are some examples of work completed at home this week.

First of all we have Jessica Evans's drawing and description of her tricky sea monster:


This is Max's Sea monster.  It lives in the deepest part of the ocean called the Mariana Trench.



This is Daniels Science Stem task this week.  It has made us feel very hungry!



I had this delicious plate of food on Sunday. It is really healthy with lots of different coloured vegetables (broccoli, carrots, sweetcorn, we should eat a rainbow, means lots of different coloured vegetables), chicken wrapped in bacon for protein, potato and sweet potato for carbohydrates.

It could have been healthier without the bacon. But tastier with it:)


You need nutrients in food to stay healthy. These come from carbohydrates (bread, potato, pasta, rice etc.), proteins (meat, nuts, seafood, tofu, eggs, beans and pulses), dairy (milk, cheese, yoghurts etc.), fruit and vegetables (minimum 7-10/day, glass of juice, fresh, frozen, canned, or dried all count too.





We are at the end of our second week in Term 6 and it would seem all the children at home and at school have been busy bees!

This is the Norfolk Bubble at playtime waving to all of their friends at home.

This week in class we have been reading 'How to Find gold' and drawing treasure maps, just like the ones you have been doing at home.  If you would like to hear the author reading the book you can click on this link to find it;

It's a lovely story - I hope you enjoy it.


The Norfolk Bubble in the playground

Here is a small sample of children's work submitted on teams this week.  Well done, we love your enthusiasm and hard work.

Milo is completing his problem solving in maths:


This is Billy's instructions for Croc and Anna so they can find gold. 

I hope they make it past the sharks:


And this is Niklas's animal adaption with a roaring snake!!

Friday 5th June 2020



Hello Norfolk 1

 We hope you all had a lovely half term and enjoyed the beautiful sunshine!
It’s been a lovely to speak to some of you again on the Class chats this week and to find out what you’ve all been up to - remember we have a new chat time of 4.00-4.15pm, Monday to Thursday. We have also enjoyed marking your STEM tasks and seeing the fun you have had with the planes.  

This week has been a bit different as some of you have returned to school.  It has been lovely to welcome you back and you have all done brilliantly settling in to the new routines.


For those of you at home, we hope you are still enjoying the Oak National Academy lessons and the daily quizzes.  Remember you can also delve into the SORA library to find a good story to read to.


We hope you have a great weekend and look forward to seeing or hearing from you next week.


Mrs McGinley and Mrs Bentham


Here are Mrs McGinley and Mrs Bentham's pets, Lulu the cat and Jamie the dog, looking at bit sad that they can't come to work with them as they miss them!!




Finding out about Easter from Rev. Nick.

In science we have been learning how Penguins adapt to their environment. There are 17 different breeds of Penguin. We each choose one and made a mask to show how it looks different.

In computing we have been programming Bee Bots and enjoying the process.

This week in PSHE we have been discussing global warming and the impact this may be having on penguins habitats in Antarctica. Using a large sheet of paper representing an ice berg and some of the children pretending to be penguins we were able to demonstrate the concept of a shrinking habitat.

What a first week back we've had! We've introduced our new text 'The Emperor's Egg' to the children which is all about the journey of an Emperor Penguin. In English, we looked at describing a setting using exciting vocabulary such as desolate, tranquil and sub-zero. The children created some beautiful descriptions where they continued their focus on core writing skills. We have also looked at some facts about penguins. Did you know an Emperor Penguin can grow up to 1.3 metres tall? In Maths, we have been exploring different 2D and 3D shapes and used key mathematical vocabulary to describe their properties. We even began to compare some shapes by looking at their similarities and differences. In Art, we were inspired by the artist 'Paul Klee' where we used different geometric shapes made out of different materials to recreate the front cover of our book. In Geography, we have looked at the different continents and countries that can be found within them by using an atlas. We have had a really exciting first week back and can't wait to learn more!

Norfolk 1 enjoyed being part of this years Nativity play. They were very well cast as angels as they are an angelic class all year round! We were very proud of their performance.

Cooking in progress as Norfolk 1 are busy making tasty fruity flapjacks for Bob, the Man on the Moon, to have at one of his picnics. We all took it in turns to weigh out and mix the ingredients together and then press the mixture down into a baking tray.

The highlight of this week, was definitely the film night. It was so much fun to have so many children (around 170) from the Infants all together having such a brilliant time. We all had a packet of crisps and some squash. We enjoyed being cosy in our pyjamas and the children were so excited, but behaved beautifully from start to finish.

In PE we have been expressing ourselves through dance. Here we have made our own streamers and we are pretending to whoosh through the sky like fireworks.

More fun this week at forest school looking at the different trees and their leaves and of course... hot chocolate!

This week in Geography we have been exploring different maps, from local to world.

Forest School started for Norfolk this week. We had a great time exploring the woods and creating our class and own names out of twigs. We also learnt about being safe in the woods and respecting our surroundings,

This Week's Notices

  • Remember you may continue to bring your child into the classroom on a Monday morning if you wish. 
  • Please ensure that your child’s wellies are labelled and on their pegs all year for Outdoor Learning. 
  • Please can you also ensure that your child has the appropriate seasonal P.E kit with every item labelled.
  • Show and Tell will be on a Wednesday for Year 1 each week. If your child wishes to bring in something for Show and Tell please ensure it is linked to our current learning. 
  • To ensure our Reading areas are exciting and engaging we would really like to put up some photos of the children reading in a special/comfortable place. We would be really grateful if you could take a photo of your child reading in their favourite place and give it to their class teacher to put up on display. 
  • Just a reminder Reading Records and books need to be returned to school on a Wednesday to be changed and they are then given back out on a Thursday. 
  • As part of our Science this term we are going to need lots of junk modelling, if you have any cardboard, foil, plastic etc. please could you kindly donate it to your child's class. We would be grateful to have this by the Friday 11th October. 


Thank you,

The Year 1 Team.