Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Term 1 Week 8

Well children, you have shown the most amazing resilience and perseverance through your first term in Year 2. We are so incredibly proud of the progress you have made, challenges you faced with enthusiasm and the smiles you come in with in the morning.


This week we have finished reading our termly text ‘Leaf’, what a wonderful end to the story! Our children have been captivated following the journey of this unlucky polar bear and were delighted he managed to make his way back to his Arctic home. 



In Maths we have been focusing on the difference between 10’s and 1’s and the related facts noticeable between them. Children discussed the pattern when we add and subtract 1, this is the step before finding 10 more and less than a number. We have been using a hundred square to explore what happens to the numbers in columns. 

Can you have a go at solving this with your child?



In Science we have been continuing our investigations based on the properties of materials. This week there were people stranded on a boat! Their boat was sinking and they were bailing about water as fast as they could! However…there was a hole in their bucket! Leaf floated past and wanted to help. We discussed the properties of materials that could fill the hole, with Leaf’s help of course!

“It needs to be strong enough not to break, flexible so it will fit in the hole and waterproof or the water will go straight through it!” Blake A, N2.


In Geography we have been discussing where food comes. Miss Towler was convinced that her food came from Sainsburies! But our children managed to prove her wrong by using their detective skills when looking at a variety of packaged foods.


“Our bananas came the furthest in today’s lesson, they came from Costa Rica!” Darcie P, Y2.


In Art this week we did printing using a gelli press to produce positive and negative images of leaves. The children have thoroughly enjoying learning how to print this term and have produced some stunning outcomes.


Some other lovely things our children have said this week:

 “I have got faster this year, I am on the active mile board because I have made the most progress this week, I want to beat Mr Bentley next term!” Phoenix C-W

“I love editing my working using the purple pen, it makes me feel like a teacher! My work is in the golden frame this week” Henrietta Harding – Flisher

“We have been learning a new method this week called the column method! We have been using dienes and putting our equations in to columns!” Reuben H




Thank you as always for your ongoing support and enthusiasm.

Year 2

Our Year 2 Teaching Team

Left to right: Mrs S Allison, Miss A Towler, Mrs C Clements, Miss L Silcott, Mr W Levett, Mrs P Britton.

Our Year 2 Teaching Assistant Team

Left to right, back row: Mrs J Boulcott, Miss L Brewin, Mr G Bentley, Mrs V Webb, Miss E Garner

Left to right, front row: Miss M Storey, Miss C Bennett

A little message from Miss Silcott, Friday 10th July 2020:

Hello Norfolk 1! 

When I was younger my favourite thing to do was to play ‘teachers’. I had my own chalk board and I used to make my younger sister sit down for hours whilst I ‘taught’ her. When I was in Year 1 I had a fantastic teacher called Mrs Plunkett and she completely inspired me with her creativity and love of teaching. From then on I knew I wanted to be just like her!


I love being a Primary School Teacher because I enjoy learning about and discovering new things myself. I feel privileged to be able to nurture children and to help them grow and flourish. Every child is an individual and has their own unique personality. I love hearing about children’s own personal interests, so that, where possible, we can incorporate these into our classroom to make daily learning interesting and fun, to help all of us achieve things we may not even have considered before.


As your class teacher I will strive to ensure that everybody in the class is confident to speak about and share their ideas. We will all celebrate each other’s successes, and support each other where we can, to give everyone a sense of belonging, and to make everyone feel included in a caring and safe environment where we will create many happy memories together.


Outside of school I love spending time with my family exploring the countryside. I also enjoy going to London with my friends to visit new and interesting places. I love horses and was able to ride horses before I was able to walk! I also have a dog called Penny who is extremely mischievous.


I can’t wait to meet you all and for your Year 2 journey to begin – speak to you very soon! J


 Love Miss Silcott x 


Miss Silcott, the same age as you are now with her favourite teacher Mrs Plunkett

Miss Silcott when she was the same age as you are now, with her favourite teacher, Mrs Plunkett. smiley


Mrs Bentham and Miss Silcott smiley

Story Time with Miss Silcott - Paddington Bear by Michael Bond

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