Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

We are so proud of the children for everything they have achieved in the half term since they returned to school.  They all came back with bright smiles on their faces, eager to get back into the swing of things with their learning and they have carried on being brilliant for the entire half term.  A big thank you to the children and all of you at home who have supported them in such a positive return to school after the break. 

We used the week in maths to consolidate all the brilliant learning the children have done this term, with a day spent practising number bonds to 10, a day on counting in 2s and understanding pairs and revising the idea of more and less.  Another day was looking at combining groups of numbers to make number stories, use ten frames, part-part-wholes and even write equations!  Even though it has been a slightly shorter week, it certainly has been very busy!

We usually start the maths lessons with a story which supports the learning which are doing.  If you would like to share any of these stories at home, the YouTube links to the stories are below.

In geography, we learned about maps and we also thought about the different seasons and saw amazing images of Nara in Japan with the cherry trees in full blossom.  Taking the idea of map work further, the children used maps of our outdoor learning area to complete an Easter Egg hunt.  They were just paper eggs, but the children had a brilliant time!

In R.E. we continued to learn about Easter and why it is such an important religious festival for Christian people.  The children were able to retell the story of Easter in great detail, and understand why the cross is such an important symbol of Christians.  They were so inspired by their learning in R.E. that they made beautiful Easter gardens, making crosses out of sticks or lollipop sticks and using pebbles to represent the bolder in front of the tomb.

Earlier in the year, a huge number of the children took part in the Star Jump fundraising challenge for the Discovery Centre.  All the children did amazingly well and we are all impressed with their efforts and are very grateful to them, and to all the people who sponsored them.  As a special thank you to the children who raised over £100, they were awarded with a special certificate and a space hopper.  They are going to be hopping away all Easter!

Sadly Miss Nutt, one of our amazing team of teaching assistants, is leaving us over the Easter holidays.  The children will be sad to see her go, but they made her a beautiful farewell card and she left feeling very loved.  We are excited to welcome Mr Bentley into the Reception team!

Please remember to bring in P.E. kit and reading books on the first day of the holidays.

Have a brilliant break, and we look forward to seeing you in the Summer Term!


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Reception Teaching Team

(L-R) Mrs Brian, Miss Lewis, Mrs Crumly

Reception Teaching Assistant Team

(Back Row L-R) Mrs W, Mrs Webb, Mrs Boulcott, Miss Leeson, Miss Nutt

(Front Row L-R) Mrs Strudwick, Ms Marcus, Mrs Coles