Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Welcome to Mountain Class. 


Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Due to the INSET day on Monday, the children only had 4 days in school this last week, but it doesn’t stop it from being loaded with fun activities.


Taking our final inspiration from the story Emily Brown and the Thing, the children planned their own adventure stories, including a variety of exciting journeys.  There were stories where the protagonist travelled to the moon to get cheese, to the depths of the ocean to find some magical pearls, to the hottest desert to cook some toast, and much, much more!  It was amazing to see how creative and imaginative the children were.  When we reflected on the course of the year, looking at what the children have been doing this week and then back to them learning how to form ‘m’ in their first ever Read Write Inc session, we were immensely proud of the children for all they have achieved.


Our maths lessons this week, have focused on revisiting topics covered earlier in the year.  This meant re-reading Pete the Cat and His 4 Groooovey Buttons, which is a great favourite of both adults and children, to help us learn about subtraction.  We also looked at measurement, with some of the children developing their learning from using blocks to measure to using a ruler, and addition through counting on.  So many of the children are keen mathematicians and they were able to use a range of methods and skills to support them with their learning this week, which once again shows the great progress which they have made.


Potions were such a big hit last week, that this week, the children had the opportunity to make their own in the outdoor learning area.  They wrote their own recipes, and it was great to see them remembering the descriptive language they had learned in class last week, in their more independently written recipes. 


We have also used our outdoor area for bug hunts and developing our ball skills with tennis, catch and football games.

The Southborough Summer Olympics is progressing, and this week the children participated in the sprinting finals.  All the children showed excellent perseverance and embodied the spirit of the Olympics, cheering and supporting all competitors and celebrating people giving their best efforts.


In the last few weeks, the children have been learning about civil engineers, as a result of our school wide STEM careers week, and the children have been sending and receiving emails from a real-life engineer.  This led the children to be really interested in bridges and when Pedro the Pondering Pup overheard the children’s learning, he also wanted to learn more!  Pedro and the children learned about the different types of bridges and challenged themselves to build some self-supporting bridges.


Please check to see if you have any Read Write Inc books still at home and return them to school with your child.

Reception Teaching Team

(L-R) Mrs Brian, Miss Lewis, Mrs Crumly

Reception Teaching Assistant Team

(Back Row L-R) Mrs W, Mrs Webb, Mrs Boulcott, Miss Leeson, Miss Nutt

(Front Row L-R) Mrs Strudwick, Ms Marcus, Mrs Coles