Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


We are so proud of the children for all they have achieved in their first few weeks of school.  Since the start of the year, children are beginning to be able to write and read words, using the sounds they have learned in phonics; sort and classify items into Venn and Carroll diagrams; count correctly, with a true understanding of number, and most importantly of all, they are now able to confidently move around the Fisher Building, happy in the knowledge they are surrounded by friends and helpful adults.  What an achievement!


It’s been another busy week, both in and out of the classrooms.  Children have been sorting objects using both Venn and Carroll diagrams, and learning how to identify the properties of shapes, using mathematical terminology, such as ‘vertices’ instead of ‘corners’.  We have also done a range of fun art activities, including painting dogs, inspired by our learning from Oh No George and even taken part in an assault course all around our outside area.


This week, the phonics sound cards have gone home.  If you missed the Read Write Inc. phonics training, or are unsure about how to use them, please speak to us so we can help you support your child best and feel confident in what you are doing.


The Home Observation books have also gone home this week, and we really look forward to reading about what your children have been doing out of school and what you have noticed about the progress they have been making in their learning.


Next term will be another busy one for your child and they will continue to learn new, exciting things, both through play, and our teacher led learning sessions.  Not only will we be doing our usual learning, but we will be preparing for our spectacular Nativity show at the end of term, so it is really important that they, and you, have a rest during the holidays so that you are all refreshed and restored for another term at Southborough!

Reception Curriculum overview 2019-2020