Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Year 5

Year 5 - Supporting your child with reading at home.

Below are some suggestions and links to help you support your child with reading at home.


1).  Listen to your child read their school reading book – by Year 5 most children are fluent readers who like to read independently. However, your support is still needed to help them develop their reading skills, especially their comprehension. Please try to read with them each day, even if it is just 5 minutes before you leave them to continue reading independently.


Comprehension. Help them build their comprehension skills by asking questions/ chatting about what they have read. Your child will be familiar with the following terminology:

  • Clarifying - Discuss words your child doesn’t understand by looking at the whole sentence and/or by using a dictionary together (real or online).
  • Predicting. ‘What do you think will happen next? Why’ Encourage your child to use evidence from the book to support their prediction.
  • Questioning. Ask ‘What? When? Where? Who? How? Why?’ questions. Scan the page together to find the relevant information or evidence for the answer.
  • Summarising. ‘What has happened in the story so far?’

Attached: Parent Reading Questions sheet – gives a wider range of questions for the areas above.


Word decoding. Help your child decode words they are struggling with – ask them:

  • Can you see any special friends? e.g. ai, a-e, ay. Can you Fred Talk the word?
  • Encourage them to come to you if they are stuck on a word when reading independently.

Attached: Set 2, Set 3 and additional Sounds sheet.


Log your reading with your child on Boom Reader, including specific comments e.g.

  • Explained what … word meant.
  • Predicted what would happen on next page and explained why.
  • Struggled to read these words …


2). Accelerated Reader Quizzes.

Children in Year 5 bring home a reading book which has an Accelerated Reading level and Quiz code on it.

The very short online comprehension quizzes help us track your child’s progress.

Quizzes should be done within 24 hours of finishing the book so it is still fresh in your child’s mind.

Quizzes can be completed at school or at home on any device that can access the internet.

If it is possible to complete the quiz at home then the link is:     

This will take you to a screen that your child should recognise. See the attached ‘Logging on to Accelerated Reader’ guide if your child needs support. Your child’s individual login details were handed out at Parent Consultations in March 2023


3). Read or share a ‘stretch’ book with your child.

Read or share books (reading a paragraph/page each) that are appropriate to your child’s age but slightly beyond their reading ability. Your involvement can help your child to access books they aspire to read.

- Listening to or sharing a book can help to build their love of reading through more exciting story-lines.

- More detailed plots to chat about can help to develop comprehension skills (see Parent Reading Questions).

The following websites provide great ideas for books appropriate to your child’s age which could be requested from your local library.