Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Reading Progression Documents.

At Southborough, high quality texts are at the heart of our English learning; to develop a love for reading is the gateway to creativity, greater knowledge and universal exploration.


The Power of Reading is the teaching programme we have adopted to inspire, motivate and develop the teaching of English through engaging teaching approaches and promoting a love of reading.  The Power of Reading explores the core components of developing a vibrant reading community and has transformed our reading culture at Southborough Primary School.  The excitement of revealing the text through to reading the final page is palpable; classes have been known to create drum rolls, applaud and even give standing ovations!


In whole class, group or 1:1 reading sessions our teaching staff develop core reciprocal reading skills, to develop pupil understanding of a wide range of texts whilst also supporting those children who need to further develop their fluency. Reciprocal teaching is a scaffolded, or supported, discussion technique that incorporates four main strategies - predicting, questioning, clarifying, summarising - which good readers use together to comprehend text. Good readers do all of this naturally every time they read so teaching children how to use these skills will support them in understanding texts at a much deeper level and unlock another realm within the reading world! 



To ensure rapid progress when learning to read, Read Write Inc (a systematic, synthetic phonics programme) is delivered until children are confident and able readers. Select the book icon above to find out more about how Read Write Inc. is used in our school. 


Southborough Reading Champions

Our Reading Champions promote reading for pleasure across our school. To be a champion means to enthusiastically support or promote a belief, right or principle. Our Reading Champions are responsible for sharing their love of reading and promoting the right to read for pleasure. Every term, our Reading Champions lead an assembly during which they share their love for reading with the whole school.

Reading Champions meet once a week in the Discovery Centre and they are all expected to read lots and write book reviews about the books they have read. All pupils are encouraged to submit a book review, if they would like to, for a book they have borrowed from our Discovery Centre. Reading Champions have the privilege of being able to use the Discovery Centre during their lunchtimes to read a book, browse the library, write a book review or work on their projects. Pupils across the school are able to request a book recommendation and our Year 6 Reading Champions will find their next book.