Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


RWI Spelling.

This year we have invested in the RWI Spelling programme for years 2 to 6. 

RWI Spelling is a robust, fast-paced, systematic spelling programme which:

  • builds on the phonics knowledge our children develop through RWI Phonics in years R, 1 and 2,
  • teaches the rules and  conventions required for spelling from Year 2 and up,
  • uses morphology and etymology to support the children's understanding of certain spelling patterns and rules.

It ensures the children have plenty of focused practice time and planned revision opportunities. 

Each unit is opened with an enjoyable video, featuring space characters, which clearly explains the spelling pattern or rule being covered.


Weekly spelling tests will mainly be words taken from RWI Spelling lessons. They may also include a few additional topic words or common exception words the class/child is finding tricky or misspelling in their work.

Spelling Lists - these lists are drawn from the National Curriculum - English Programmes of Study. They show the words that children are expected to learn in each school year.