Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Arts Ambassadors

We are very excited to announce that our school will be running it’s first arts festival in the Summer Term. The theme will be Africa.


What are the arts?

The arts include art and craft, music, dance, drama and literacy. Our aim is for all of our children to be involved in as many exciting cultural experiences as possible, so that they develop a greater understanding of the world around them.

The children can look forward to a selection of exciting arts activities including African drumming and songs, traditional African stories told by a professional story teller, African arts and crafts and traditional African dance.

This term our arts ambassadors have been busy learning all about the African artist Esther Mahlangu as well as African pattern and design. Come into the main reception and see our first mini art exhibition based on this work. The arts ambassadors have experienced screen-printing, batik, fashion design, jewellery making and paper sculpture all inspired by African art and culture.


What is an arts ambassador?

An arts ambassador’s role involves learning all about the arts and creating excitement around a theme or topic. Arts ambassadors help plan and design our cultural offering so that we plan lessons and activities that capture the imaginations of our young children.


Would you like to be a future arts ambassador?

We will be recruiting again in Sept 2022!

Take a look at the exciting things our arts ambassadors have been up to so far...

This term the arts ambassadors have been creating artwork inspired by African art and culture.

We started the term looking at the artist Esther Mahlangu. Our children created designs and patterns inspired by her work and went on to make little huts based on the Ndebele tradition of house painting. “I really love the bright colours and geometric patterns found in Ndebele art” Harriet, Y3.

Our arts ambassadors also used their African patterns to create these beautiful batik scarves.

"We looked at some authentic African fabrics before having a go at trying to create some of the patterns ourselves" Sophia, Y6.

“You draw your African design onto the cloth with wax then you use fabric dye to paint the cloth. The wax acts like a resist. Mrs Clements used an iron at home to melt the wax to reveal the design – they look great!” Oliver, Y6.

Look at this quick video of the batik scarves hanging in our main reception.

Our African Arts Mini Exhibition

Still image for this video

Here are some pictures of the arts ambassadors creating African jewellery. “We looked at some real African jewellery before having a go at making some ourselves with clay. We had to roll and shape the clay to make the right shapes. I made a lion’s head for my central piece!” Bella, Y4.

“We painted our beads with bright colours and patterns when the clay was dry. It was quite fiddly. I painted my African centre piece gold” Sophia, D6.

Look at these beautiful illustrations of ladies wearing traditional African headscarves. The paper used to make the headscarves was screen-printed. These photos show the art ambassadors using a silkscreen and a ‘squidgy’ to pull the ink through the screen to create a print. “We loved pulling the squidgy and revealing the print underneath!” Emma, Y3 and April, Y5

The arts ambassadors have also enjoyed learning about fashion design and paper sculpture. “We used our Ndebele patterns to create a paper dress. We had to cut shapes and learn how to pin them together. I liked thinking about how to create the shape of the skirt” Mary-Lou, Y6

“I enjoyed thinking about how to cut and manipulate paper to create my 3D paper necklace” Issy, Y6

Our arts ambassadors started their ambassadorial roles learning what the 'arts' are. They created posters to reflect their understanding. The children also worked collaboratively to design their own arts ambassador's logo and badge. 

The arts ambassador logo designed by our children.