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Year 2 Team

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Week beginning 11th October 2021 

As we approach the end of term, we have continued to work hard. In English this week, we were learning about how to write a story and we asked ourselves, what things does a successful story need? We discussed the need for exciting description of our characters, an uh oh! moment and a resolution. Can you tell your adult what the word resolution means? Maybe you can summarise what your story was about too?


In Maths, we have started our new topic on addition and subtraction. We started the week learning about fact families and identifying facts from diagrams such as bar and part-whole models. Next week, we are going to be delving deeper into this topic learning about other related number facts such as 9-1=8 and 90-10=80, number bonds to 100 and 10 more and 10 less than a number. I wonder if you can tell your adult which column will change when you add or subtract 10?


In History, we have continued to learn about The Great Fire of London. This week we focussed on how we know about the past and we learned all about different types of historical sources. We concentrated this learning into Samuel Pepys’ diary, a great example of a primary historical source, and thought about what we would ask him about the fire. Can you remember what your questions were?


In our Home Learning this week, your child will continue to practise their times tables. For some children this will be a continuation of the 10 times table to ensure they are confident with this. For other children, they will be practising their 2 times table. Your child will also have a selection of spellings to practise. We appreciate your support in practising these at home.


Enjoy your weekend and we will see you for some more exciting learning next week!