Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Olympic Games Sports Day 2024

‘What a fabulous Olympic Games 2024 Sports Day we had last Friday at School! Once again, we were blessed throughout the day with glorious sunshine and brilliant performances to match despite all the rain we've had over the last few weeks. All the pupils once again competed in the different carousel and running activities throughout the day ranging from sprints relays to distance runs to field activities like the Long Jump and Javelin interlinked with ball skills activities such as Tennis and Cricket. The atmosphere was electric and it was lovely to see so many parents moving around the field supporting the pupils as they took part in their different activities. The children competed in their different Olympic continents to remind us of the importance of the spirit of the Olympic Games and it's importance of 'Faster', 'Higher' and 'Stronger'- Together. 


The day started with Key Stage 1 taking part in a number of Olympic Sporting events in a carousel where they rotated every few minutes. Pupils enjoyed the opportunity to take part in football, bean bag throws, space hopper bounces, standing long jump, target throwing and Javelin to capture the feel of the Olympic Games. The pupils then moved onto their Athletics events starting with the relay races followed by the distance runs and then sprints on the 200 metre track. All our pupils represented their Olympic Continents wearing their own continent coloured T- shirt. We also had a brilliant turnout in the parents distance races over 400 metres with five separate races!


In the afternoon we welcomed Key Stage 2 who followed a similar format with a number of different carousel activities following the different Olympic Games style activities and sports. The pupils particularly enjoyed the jumping and football events, both being firm favourites! The pupils also took part in speed stacking, twisty tennis, hockey dribble, cricket bowling, Javelin, standing long jump and basketball hoops. All the pupils had a go at different running events including sprint and distance relay races, a distance run and 60 metre Sprints. All the pupils ran on our 10 lane running track producing some exceptional results. We again finished with a further five distance races for parents with some very competitive performances!


I wanted to finish by saying a huge 'thank you' to all the staff for organising the logistics around the school, for organising the children into their races, either leading the carousel events or rotating with the pupils and to the PTA for serving refreshments. I'd also like to say what a fantastic job our Year 6 Sports Leader did helping to set up and put away the equipment and organise the morning activities for all of Key Stage 1 as part of their Sports Leaders development.


Overall results and medals will be announced in celebration assembly in the coming days.