Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Creative Club

Creative club is a super exciting club that offers children opportunities to: 

  • Create artworks in a small group setting, where pupils have the flexibility to lead their own projects and grow as an artist. 
  • Create numerous community-based artworks, to beautify the school and community. 
  • Be taught by professional artists and craftspeople through focused workshops. 

What is the aim of Creative Club? 
To nurture young talent, build confidence, develop creative skills and independence through a range of art and design activities. During this time, we will be creating different artworks of varying styles and media, exploring, and developing our artistic craft, and building artistic confidence alongside a small group of peers. 
Students will also learn about different artists and cultures and get to experience working in a studio environment. 



Look at what we made this Spring Term 4...


This term the children have been developing their drawing and painting skills whilst still focusing on our arts theme the environment and climate change. The children began by making a list of endangered animals to draw. The children developed their drawing techniques and skills using charcoal to create these beautiful drawings of panda bears and tigers. Later we moved on to creating these bees using pen and ink washes.

Creating shadow and light, whether using charcoal or ink creates the illusion of 3D form. Haven't they done well!



Look at what we made this Spring Term 3...


The children were briefed to create mixed-media artworks that would promote our arts theme,

the environment and climate change. The children learnt all about the art of printing using a gelli-press technique. Their prints were then collaged with recycled papers to create these stunning mixed-media collages. Watercolours were also used to add colour and texture. The children loved experimenting and exploring when composing their collages. Each artwork has great impact and delivers a punchy message about looking after our planet.


Look at what we made this Autumn Term...


The children were briefed to create three textile banners that would provide inspirational messages and support to pupils and staff in our school. The children learnt all about typography styles and fonts whilst completing this project, as well as developing their colour theory and craft skills.

The project was very close to the children's hearts. We have talked a lot about mental health and wellbeing in our PSHE lessons and the children really loved knowing that this work would help others feel lifted and supported in our school. Check back here to see photographs of the final banner on display in the Great Hall in T3.