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Thursday 16th May 2024


Dear parents and carers,


This week in English we have been fact-finding information about crocodiles in preparation of writing their own fact files. The children were introduced to a technique known as ‘dictoglossing’, whereby a video is played twice and on the second viewing, the teacher pauses in places so that the children can make notes about what they have seen and heard. It has proved very effective in gathering information about crocodiles. Next, we highlighted our facts into colour-coded groups: appearance, habitat, diet and fun facts. Then as a shared activity, we started to write our introduction. It’s all looking very interesting.


In Maths, we have continued with our topic on ‘Time’. The children have been learning to tell the time to 5 minutes, to the nearest minute and also on a digital clock. We also learned about the meaning of am and pm and revised the calendar year. Please encourage your child to read the time whenever possible as extra practice.


In History, we have continued our exciting journey back to the Roman Empire. We have explored the social hierarchy within ancient Rome and looked at the structure and effectiveness of the Roman army. Next week we will be looking at the causes and consequences of the first Roman invasions.


Finally, in Science we have been investigating the life cycle of a tomato plant and recapping the stages and processes. In particular, the children have been exploring the importance of pollination. Their tomato plants continue to grow healthily and we are looking forward to updating you next week on their progress!


Please may we remind you to send your child into school with a water bottle everyday, now that the weather is starting to warm up.


Have a fabulous week.

Mrs Nash, Mrs Britton and Mrs Charlwood

Home Learning Term 5 Week 5 


Red Spellings:


Adding the suffix -ment

When we add a suffix to a root word, we make a new word. 

We can add the suffix -ment to a verb to make a noun.

enjoy + ment = enjoyment









Topic words:




Blue spellings: 


plural possession











Topic words




Attached is a list of the 100 most common words that your child is expected to know how to spell by the end of Year 4 (please see attachment).




Times Tables Rockstars! 

To keep practising the multiplication taught in class, and challenging yourself to keep the ones you already know fresh, don’t forget to log into your Times Tables Rockstars account.


Challenge yourself to beat your score, build your knowledge and watch your confidence sore, as you become a Rockstar!

Please ask your class teacher if you need replacement log in details.



Children should bring their Accelerated Reading Book to and from school each day. When they have finished reading, children are asked to complete a quiz before changing their book. 

We recommend children in Year 3 read for at least 20 minutes a day.  Parents please log your child's reading on the BOOM reader Parent Portal or by using the BOOM reader parent app on your tablet/mobile no more than once a week.


Please note: pupil login details have changed slightly due to an upgrade that has taken place on the Accelerated Reader platform. Pupil login details (user name and password) should now be entered in all lower case (no capital letters at all). These login details are used each time your child quizzes a school reading book which carries an accelerated reading quiz code.