Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Cumbria Class Update 20/09/23:


This week in Cumbria we looked at sequencing numbers and recognising the patterns these sequences may take on. Following on from that we then looked at number lines. We counted how many intervals each number line had, what it was going up in and identified the start and end points of them. We had to be extra careful as not all number lines started at 0 and ended in 10 or 100. We are ending the week by estimating numbers on the number line. We are using the information we already know about numbers to help us make precise estimates. For example we know 5 is half of 10 and therefore will be plotted half way between 0 and 10 on a number line.


In English we continued our book ‘Look Up’ by Nathan Byron. The protagonist Rocket learned about the first African American woman to go into space – Mae Jemison. We did some more research on her and dictoglossed what we learned. The children learned that dictoglossing is when we draw and make small notes to help us recall information quickly. After, we wrote a fact file about Mae Jemison to inform our readers. Can you tell your adult one fact you can remember about Mae Jemison?  


In Science we continued our topic of human survival and explored what the needs are of humans. We learned that to survive humans need: food, air, water, space and shelter. In History we learned about Kelly Holmes because she is a person of significance who was born in Tunbridge Wells. The children were enthused watching her win the gold for her races and identified the qualities she held and the impact she has had on the people around her.


Well done Cumbria for another fantastic week!

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Home Learning: 



Children should read everyday and this should be recorded on Boom Reader at least once a week. Reading books will be sent home on a Friday, please return your child's book on the following Wednesday.



This week we are  focusing on the 'or' sound, spelt 'a' before 'l' and 'll'. Please see below the ten spellings for next week's test, Wednesday 27th September:













Please find linked below the list of spellings Year 2 will be practising throughout the year. Strategies to practise spellings can be found on the Oxford Owl website, here.



In Year 2 we are currently practising our 10 and 2 multiplication. Please find a maths game here to help practise these with your child.