Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


This week in Cumbria

Week beginning Monday 19th September

It has been another fantastic week in Year 1 and even though there was a bank holiday, the children have managed to fit in a lot of amazing activities.  The children have started their new, Year 1, phonics groups and are really enjoying learning new sounds and sharing books in class.  In English lessons we developed our book talk skills, thinking about our likes and dislikes about Adventures of The Eggbox Dragon, and then we used our prediction skills to make story maps containing our own predictions for what will happen in the rest of the story.  In maths, we have learned to count backwards from 10 and used this to support us in finding one less.  The children have used a range of concrete materials help them understand this, and have started drawing number tracks and 10 frames to show their ideas pictorially in their books.  Our science lessons have been about materials and the children have learned that human made materials are ones which are made using naturally occurring substances.  The focus of our history lessons has been understanding the different stages of human life, from infancy to old age.  We will use these skills to support us in the rest of our learning this term.


The Year 1 Team

Home Learning



Please practise these spellings. These are red words so you cannot sound them out.

Think about making a mnemonic, eg for put, it could be purple unicorns twirl.  It can be as creative as you want, anything that will help you remember the spellings.















Children in Year 1 should be reading for 15 minutes a day. 

Parents please log your child's reading on the BOOM Reader Parent Portal or by using the BOOM reader parent app on your tablet/ mobile.

Click here for more information about how our school uses Boom Reader. 


Maths Fluency

To help practise careful counting, please play this game.  If you would like to challenge yourself, think of the number that the would complete the number bond to make 10.


Grammar and Punctuation
This task is due in on 27th September. 

Please see PDF below and find your RWInc group for your task.

Topic Task

Please watch the linked video below to see this week’s task about hope.