Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Art Mentors

Art Mentors Club - Spring Term 2024

Our arts theme continues to be mental health and wellbeing. This term the art mentors have been leading and guiding our younger pupils in creating embroidered hoop art based on positive affirmations. Pupils planned and created their own designs on paper first and are now in the process of embroidering their creations. Affirmations such as 'believe' and 'you've got this' have been popular.


Christmas 2023


Our lovely art mentors and art nurture group having been working together to make beautiful Christmas cards for COGGS. The children made their own painted papers first and then used collage to create the gorgeous elf/santa cards.

Art Mentors Club -  Autumn Term 23

Our arts theme this year is based around mental health and wellbeing.  This term the art mentors have been honing their weaving skills in preparation for teaching our KS1 pupils how to weave in T2.

The art of weaving is quite meditative and is a lovely way to relax whilst creating something beautiful.

Mrs Savage enjoyed visiting the art mentors this term and got involved with some weaving herself!



Summer Term 2023

The art mentors have enjoyed teaching our Y2 children how to use clay to create beautiful sunflowers and bees this term. 

The art mentors did a brilliant job at explaining how to use clay techniques to successfully join and manipulate clay to create these lovely 3D forms. The art mentors demonstrated how to mix colours to create secondary and tertiary colours which the Y2 children then applied to their own work.

Throughout the project the art mentors demonstrated patience, skill and leadership qualities which has been a joy to see!

Spring Term 2023

This Spring term, the art mentors have been developing their printing skills and techniques. The children learnt how to use a Gelli press in T3, before moving onto making two-colour prints with styrofoam in T4. The children choose to make their styrofoam prints based on positive affirmations and messages. The printing process can be a tricky one... lettering needs to be drawn backwards to print forwards, prints need to be aligned carefully and inky finger marks get absolutely everywhere!

Please check back here later this term, to see the final prints.

Autumn Term 2022

This Autumn term, the art mentors have learnt about sketching from photographs to create paintings of endangered animals. They have been developing their colour theory and painting skills. As well as learning about creating art with a political message.


These final pieces look absolutely stunning! The typography was embroidered onto the canvases.