Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Match Funding. How you employer can help.

Match Funding

How your employers can help….


Many large organisations such as Banks, Supermarkets and large brands will have a match funding policy (this is often part of the Corporate Social Responsibility policy) which means if any of their employees’ volunteer with a charity for a fundraising activity then they may be able to match the overall fundraising total or for the area the employee works in.


So, if you volunteer at any of our events throughout the school year, please speak to your employer to see if they have a match funding policy.

Small businesses and independents are often able to also match fund by making a donation via charitable giving.


They will normally need a letter from the PTA confirming the details and date of the event, how you were involved and how much was raised which we can provide. Please do get in touch – if your employer is able to match fund.