Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Year 1 team

Miss Packer Reads to Sussex 1

Friday 1st July 2022-

As ever, it has been a wonderful week of learning.


The children have been ornithologists recently, learning all about hummingbirds.  In our Discovery Centre session they researched non-fiction books to make their own information packs about birds.  They also worked together to learn more specifically about the Ruby-Throated Hummingbird, from our class text, Hummingbird, by Nicola Davis.  In our English lesson we learned how to create fact files, using subheadings to separate the information and sign post the reader. 


We have also had some hands on experiences with artefacts which would have been an everyday part of life in Victorian England.  They were astonished by the weight of the iron which has to be heated on the fire and amazed that everything was lit by candles.  In our history lesson,  we also looked at first hand accounts of a school day; one from the perspective of a teacher and the other from a child.  The children were interested to see how 2 different accounts of the same day can be so different, but saw that each can be used as a historical source to help us learn. 


In science we used Venn diagrams to help us understand carnivores, herbivore and omnivores.  We also learned about the different features these animals have and understood that humans have flat teeth for grinding plants and also pointed teeth to help eat meat.  We also learned that carnivores have forward faces eyes to help them see when hunting.


Our R.E. lesson this week focused on learning more stories from the Qu’ran to help understand how the Prophet’s teachings might influence how a Muslim lives.  We heard the tale of The Crying Camel and of The Ants and the Fire and explored the belief that, because Allah made everything, all life deserves to be treated with respect.


Don’t forget, the home learning set on 30th June was the last home learning task for the term, though weekly reading will still be set and we look forward to seeing records of reading on GoRead.


Please send your child into school with a light jacket so that they are well prepared in case of rain.


Friday 4th March- Southborough's World Book Day!