Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Headteacher's Welcome

Welcome to Southborough Church of England Primary School

Our School is a beacon of light in our community. The light of Jesus inspires us to use our gifts with integrity so that we can shine and flourish together. We encourage, nurture and respect each other as we grow in our learning and our living. Together we shine brightly.


Our School Values are:








Our Christian vision and values underpin all our actions. We believe everyone has limitless potential and that all our children can achieve if given rich opportunities, experience, care and guidance. With children who are eager to learn, parents and Governors who are supportive, our team of dedicated staff promote an inspirational culture of creativity with high aspirations where there are no barriers to a child's success. We challenge our children and ourselves to be the best we can be in a safe, rich and purposeful environment, while relishing life and learning at Southborough.

Follow the link below to find out more about what being a church school means at Southborough CE Primary School:

Our school environment

Our school buildings are designed to create a small school feel. We ensure our focus is on recognising each and every child's uniqueness and individual needs which we achieve by working in close partnership with every family. Our children benefit from the expertise and diversity of a dedicated large staff team and the facilities a 3-form entry school offers.


We have high expectations and relentlessly strive for excellence. We encourage children to take pride in their presentation, environment and learning. We expect children to demonstrate excellent manners and behaviour with respect for others and their environment. Staff work closely together to ensure consistency of these expectations and a shared responsibility for all children regardless of class or year group.


We consider every member of our school community to be a life-long learner and value all contributions to the continued improvements to our school. School initiatives are carefully considered, discussed and research led to ensure we continue to build upon our successes as:


“The quality of teaching is the most powerful factor in determining the life chances of children. If we get it right, this can be 20 times more significant than all others.” Sir John Jones.


Mrs E Savage