Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Wednesday After School Sports Clubs

Wednesday After School Clubs- September 2022- December 2022

Year 1-6 After School Wednesday Sports Club

Our after-school clubs for terms 1 and 2 begin on Wednesday 28th September until  Wednesday 30th November. There will be no club on Wednesday 19th October due to parent consultations and over the half term period.   We all know that sports clubs have many benefits to both children’s physical and mental health. Some of these benefits might include:

  • staying healthy and active
  • a sense of normality or routine after a turbulent year
  • interacting with peers and developing life-long social skills
  • developing new skills and achieving goals, which can help build children’s confidence 
  • feeling part of a team, or a sense of belonging to help tackle feelings of isolation, which they may have experienced during the pandemic.

We will continue to focus our after-school clubs on both individual and team sports in term 1-2. Our clubs will be led by staff to support and develop all of these skills through different individual and team sports such as Athletics, Cricket and Basketball etc.

Clubs for Year 1-6 will begin in Term 1 from Wednesday 28th  September and will run until half term (excluding 19th October),  and then again after 1/2 term until finishing on Wednesday 30th November in Term 2.   Each club will operate within the year group every Wednesday and the sport will rotate at the end of term 2, below is the sport for each year group in terms 1 and 2. Collection will be from their usual location/gate at the times below.


Finish Time






Year 6

Tag Rugby

Lady’s Gift Gate


Year 5


Lady’s Gift Gate


Year 4

Ultimate Frisbee

Junior Gate


Year 1


Multi Skills 

Back doors of classrooms via Infant Gate


Year 2


Back doors of classrooms via Infant Gate


Year 3


Infant Gate by tree


If the weather is wet, children will use the various sports halls available or return to the classroom for table top team games/quizzes. This means that Wednesday clubs will not be cancelled in the event of bad weather.