Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Parent Volunteers

Parent Reps


ForestSusie Darcy
 Anna Hetherington
MountainEmily Bone
 Alexandra Barnard
River Beth Howard
 Phillipa Farrell
Devon 1Joanna Higgins
 Linda Tanner
Cumbria 1Bridget Colver
 Lydia Miller
Surrey 1Hannah Young
 Sarah Walker
Sussex 2Sapna Butcher
Dorset 2Mohsin Mohammod
Cornwall 2Rebecca Maestranzi 
 Ruhena Muhit 
Herefordshire 3 
Northamptonshire 3Ella Barton 
 Fiona Threlfell
 Claire Gjaci
Gloucestershire 3Marian Maplesden
 Bridget Colver
 Susanne Darcy
Yorkshire 4Emma Kuwertz 
Norfolk 4Alyson Jones
Suffolk 4Beth Howard
Lincolnshire 5 
Cheshire 5Katie Cranley
Somerset 5Tora Bryant
Oxfordshire 6Anna Parfitt
 Olivia Gillmor
Warwickshire 6 
Cambridgeshire 6 

Parent Volunteers

We are extremely fortunate and very grateful to have a large group of parents who regularly volunteer in school. This helps to support children's learning in a number of ways.


Some examples of how volunteers enrich and broaden our children's education include:

  • Cooking with children in Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2.

  • Listening to children read in Key Stage 1 and 2.

  • Accompanying classes on educational visits.

  • Sharing real life experiences, beliefs and cultures to build upon learning taking place in the class room.

  • Helping to run specialist clubs and coaching sessions, for example, gardening, knitting, netball and sewing.


We always welcome new volunteers who can help and we are interested to hear from parents who can offer new experiences for the children. If you think you may be able to volunteer please contact the Main Office or complete the form below.


Prospective Volunteer Form

If you would like to volunteer at our school please complete this form.