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Please click on the link to view how to pronounce the Read Write Inc sounds.


Click here for Read Write Inc sound pronunciation

This week in Snowdon class:


Week beginning 25th September 


We can’t quite believe that we are half-way through our first term already. The children have all come such a long way in terms of getting used to our rules and routines and settling into school life. This week the children started using the salad bar in the lunch hall and we have been so impressed with their lovely manners.  


In phonics we have learned new sounds, ‘n,’ ‘p’ ‘g’ and ‘o’ as well as reviewing our sounds from last week. This week you are also receiving a set of Read Write Inc sound cards. Please practise reading the sounds that we have learned with your child. You can even start putting some of the sounds together to blend short words such as s-i-t sit, t-i-n tin. Please have a look at the link at the top of this page which shows the pronunciation of the sounds. 


The children are continuing to develop a tripod pencil grip, more information on this can be found using the link below. Please can your child continue to practise writing the sounds that we have learned in class. The Read Write Inc sound cards show the rhyme associated with each sound to help with letter formation. For example, we say, ‘Maisie mountain mountain’ when writing the ‘m’ sound. 


In literacy we have continued with our class text, ‘Oh No George.’ The children helped to write a letter to George suggesting how he could show that he was sorry to Harris. We also discussed what we liked and disliked about the story.  


In maths we have been creating sets and rules for sorting as well as comparing sets of items. The children enjoyed singing about Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons. They were able to find lots of ways to sort collections of buttons, fruit, people and more. 


Pete the cat and his four groovy buttons song book 


Thank you for logging into Boom Reader and detailing what you and your child have read together. Please continue to do this once a week. Your child will bring home a book from our reading area for you to share every week. If you have any problems accessing this app then please do let us know. Please continue to read to your child every night, fostering a love of stories, as reading is hugely important to children in Reception and will help them hugely when they begin to read themselves. 


This week in Snowdon Class:

A typical day in Reception


Adventure time is part of our Continued Provision.  Adults provide Enhanced Provisions by facilitating learning based around the children’s fascinations and interests, as well as our current class based learning.  In this time, we will also focus on children’s fine and gross motor skills – as part of their physical development, expressive arts and design, communication and language, maths, literacy, understanding the world and their personal, social and emotional development.




Adventure Time (inside)




Collective worship 



Adventure Time (inside and outside, all 3 classes have the opportunity to mix) 



Review Adventure Time learning

Snack time 






Adventure Time 

(Inside and outside, all 3 classes have the opportunity to mix) 







Outdoor Play 

TA story 



Teacher directed 

This might be R.E., literacy, PHSE, topic-based lessons or music.



Adventure Time 

(Inside and outside, all 3 classes have the opportunity to mix) 



Phonics Review – revising the day’s sound


Milk (– for those who have ordered through Cool Milk)




Story Time 



Magic Maths 



Home Time


Reception Class Teachers

Reception Teaching Team