Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Early Years Team

1st July 2022 

We have continued with our ‘On the Beach’ topic this week by looking at staying safe, sea journeys and maps.  We started the week by discussing how we would stay safe at the seaside and near any body of water and watched a video by the RNLI which reminded us to stay together (with our grown-ups). 

We also received a letter from a pirate asking for our help in burying her treasure.  The children have enjoyed drawing maps with many different features on and ‘X marks the spot’, which the pirate’s pet parrot will be collecting at the end of the week.   

In our maths learning we have been looking at spatial awareness and positioning.  We have drawn maps of the classroom, their bedrooms and their journey to school.  We have also enjoyed choosing our favourite story and have drawn story maps to show the sequence of events. We ended the week with a problem: how to build a staircase of blocks which show what happens when we count forwards and backwards.  We managed to do this in 1s and then tried stepping up by 2 each time as well.  

We are also reviewing our core maths learning this term and so please do keep practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s and thinking about different ways to make numbers up to 10. 

Next week we take part in our very first sports day!  P.E. kits will be sent home this week and we ask that the children come dressed in them on Tuesday and not their uniform.  This means they will be in their kit for the whole day and will not require their uniform as well. 

We have set the last home learning for this year and we finish with a maths challenge. This week we would like the children to practise their doubles for numbers up to 10.  They can record this however they like (for example, equations, photos of them putting two groups of objects together, part, part wholes).  Can they also share a group fairly so that they see what half of each number is?  Will all numbers share equally between two groups?  Which will and which won’t? I wonder if you can see what the connection is between doubling and halving?  Please use their green books to show us what they have been doing. 


Please do continue to read with your child every day and log it on Go Read. A reminder that all books should come back on a Wednesday to be changed and sent out to you again on a Thursday. 

RWInc Meeting


The slides and documents from the meeting have been added below for those of you who were not able to make the meeting last Friday, or who require a reminder of what was discussed.


We hope you find them useful.

RWI cards and how to use them

The following videos demonstrate how to use the cards to practise recognition of each sound and how to blend sounds together to read words.  Please read the instruction cards inside the pack for suggestions of words to make and for other activity ideas.



Class Photo from the Courier