Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Term 6: Mental Health and Wellbeing

Mental Health and Wellbeing

This term we are teaming up with the arts council theme of the year 'Mental Health and Wellbeing.' As part of our nurturing environment at Southborough, we have touched on Mental Health throughout the year. For example, during Children's Mental Health Week, each class got their own copy of The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse by Charlie Mackesy which helped us all to have the conversation about how to take care of yourself mentally, just as importantly as we would physically look after ourselves. To bring this year to a close, we are going to explore how to express our emotions through storytelling and art. We're very excited to see what the children come up with.


Please see below the books that will be read during TA story time this term:


Happy - Mies Van Hout




This beautiful illustrated book goes through the multitude of emotions that people can feel and expresses these emotions through vibrant crayon fish. What does happy look like to you? What about surprised? We are going to swim through this book to find out!


Quick as a Cricket - Audrey Wood



'I'm as quick as a cricket, I'm as slow as a snail, I'm as small as an ant, I'm as large as a whale'! This beautiful rhyming book tells the tale of one person have multiple characteristics that often contradict each other. This will show the children that we are diverse in our feelings and moods and that in some situations we may feel small, but other days we feel strong enough to seize the day!


Hello, Friend! - Rebecca Cobb



This cheerful tale follows a young girl eager to show a sad looking boy how to have fun. She helps him feel a little less alone in the world and shows him what it can feel like to have a friend.


Meesha Makes Friends- Tom Percival



What do you do when you're feeling lonely? If you struggle to make friends, you aren't alone! Follow Meesha as she pushes herself out of her comfort zone with a little help from her 'friends'.


My Monster and Me- Nadiya Hussain and Ella Bailey



Have you ever felt like you've had a worry monster follow you everywhere you go? Have they gotten so big that you can't do the things that you love to do? This little boy has to find out for himself how to live with his very own worry monster.


The Seeds of Friendship- Michael Foreman 



Adam feels sad and lonely and misses where he used to call home. In this story, Adam learns not to keep these feelings to himself and to express to others the things he holds dear. Something beautiful and blossoming may come from opening up...


Leaving Mrs Ellis- Catherine Robinson



This sweet story follows a young boy named Leo who works on coming to terms with going into a new class next year. He starts to feel worried and even unwell as he struggles to accept this change. Leo learns that there are ways of dealing with these feelings and trusted adults that can help him feel a little less scared.


Find your calm- Gabi Garcia



This short and sweet tale is about a little girl who calmly explains what her anxiety looks like to her and how she copes with these feelings. From the jelly feelings in her legs to the tight squeeze on her shoulders, she knows that anxiety will look and feel different to everybody. How do you find your calm?


Ruby's Worry- Tom Percival



Ruby has a worry and it is growing by the day. Her worry grows so much that it stops her from doing what she loves! How does Ruby overcome her worry and become more like herself again?


Cheer up your Teddy Bear Emily Brown- Cressida Cowell



Emily Brown is worried about her Teddy Bear who keeps singing sad songs and has a rain cloud over their head. She tries everything to cheer them up, but nothing seems to be working. What will it take to get her Teddy Bear to cheer up?


Badger's Bad Mood- Hiawyn Oram



Everybody gets the news that Badger is in a bad mood. Attempts are made to cheer him up, but he just wants to be left alone! Mole is lost for ideas, until he has a plan to make him feel loved and appreciated!


On Sudden Hill- Linda Sarah



Life is perfect on Sudden Hill. Creativity and imagination is endless as two young children play the days away. Until somebody else appears and wants to join in. See how one little boy manages the changes in his life.


A Seed of Doubt- Irena Brignull



This little boy can do anything! The older he gets, however, the smaller his dreams become as he starts to doubt himself. 'You can do anything, if you believe it' his father tells him. Follow this story to see how he overcomes his worries and pushes himself to believe in himself once again.


Kindness is my Superpower- Alicia Ortego



This little boy goes to school in a bad mood and does some things that are quite unkind. Throughout this story, the little boy learns the power of kindness and finds out what a difference being kind makes.


On a Magical Do-Nothing Day- Beatrice Alemagna



This little girl spends her lonely days destroying Martians on her video game. There is nobody to play with as her mother is working from home and her father is away. She ventures outside with a seemingly permanent frown until she discovers the wonders of what the outside world can bring.


Tibble and Grandpa- Wendy Meddour



Tibble wants to play with Grandpa, but Grandpa isn't talking to Tibble. Grandpa just never stops gardening and Tibble doesn't understand it. This story is about patience, love and loss. See if Tibble can get Grandpa out of his silent gardening.


Felix after the Rain- Dunja Jogan



Felix carries a suitcase around with him and as sad things keep happening, the suitcase keeps getting heavier. What would happen if the suitcase were to open?


Jim's Lion- Russell Hoban


This book is part graphic novel, with emotionally gripping illustrations detailing Jim's experience at the hospital. Jim is faced with some tricky decisions, but a kind nurse helps him to find a place in his mind where he can seek protection.


A Song from Somewhere Else- A.F. Harrold



Frank and Nick both experience bullying. Frank discovers that Nick's house feels light and calm and makes her feel happy for the first time in a while. There is secret keeping and mystery afoot in this story!


Everything all at once- Stephen Camden 



This poetry book showcases all the emotions children deal with whilst at school, from fitting in to falling out, this poetry book has it all!


The Space We're In- Katya Balen



Frank's brother Max doesn't like colours that are too bright and doesn't like wearing new clothes. Max is starting a new school and everything is happening at once. There are confusing codes throughout this book which may start to make sense as you go on. This emotional story requires tissues and will leave you wanting to hug your loved ones.