Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2021-22

Year 5 Staff

Mrs Nash - Reading

Term 6


In English this term, we will be reading Pax, a moving story of the extraordinary friendship between a boy and his fox. The children will be making predictions, writing in role and describing characters and settings. So far this week, we have been introduced to two characters: Pax and Peter. We have made predictions and written a character description. Let’s see how the story unfolds!


In Maths we have started a new topic about position and direction. The children will be learning about coordinates, symmetry and translation as well as reflection. Following on from this, the children will be converting units and finally looking at measurement and volume.


This term, the children will be continuing our science topic on Electrical Circuits and Conductors. They will begin by learning about conductivity and investigate various materials to discover which are conductive or non-conductive. Your child will learn about electrical conductors and insulators and use this knowledge to make switches and examine plugs, identifying their parts, materials and safety features. They will ask and answer research questions about incandescent light bulbs and write a scientific report. They will learn about programmable technologies and then create programs to control a set of traffic lights. Your child will use the knowledge gained throughout the project to design, make and evaluate a nightlight. They will complete their learning by discussing the future of electricity and the natural resources harnessed to create sustainable energy.


For Geography and History this term, children will be continuing their journey into the fascinating world of the ancient Greeks. They will get to know some of the most significant Athenians and understand why Greek art, culture, architecture, philosophy, medicine and mathematics were so significant. Your child will learn about the leadership of Alexander the Great and discover how ancient Greece became part of the Roman Empire after the Hellenistic period. They will explore how the Romans respected and developed Greek ideas, making them their own and spreading them throughout the Roman Empire. To end the project, your child will decide which was the ancient Greeks' greatest idea, and explore how the legacy of ancient Greece affects their lives today.

Friday 17th June


This week, year 5 have been reading more about Pax and Peter. We have followed their story from the point where Pax was left abandoned on the side of the road by Peter’s dad. We created an emotion graph to compare how Peter felt at different points of his life before writing a diary entry focusing on one of these events. Interestingly, we noticed that most of the events in Peter’s life so far have been difficult for him.


In science, we have been continuing investigating electricity. To build on our knowledge of electrical conductors, we made our own switches using split pins, paperclips and cardboard. We identified how the metal components allowed the current to flow around the circuit. We noticed that when the paperclip was not touching the metal, our circuit was incomplete so the bulb did not light up.


In history, we have found out all the amazing ways Ancient Greeks have influenced our world today by researching specific philosophers. We learnt how the Hippocratic Oath is still used by doctors today when training and how Plato set up the first university. We compared them (and other philosophers) to decide which one had the biggest impact on today’s society.

Friday 24th June 


In English this week we have written a prediction of what we think will happen next in our story Pax. We have also written some wonderful setting descriptions of what a landscape that has been decimated by war might look like. 


In Science, we have continued our topic of Electricity. This week, we have looked at plugs and been able to describe the components of them. In History, we learnt about the significance of Mathematician's and Philosopher's in ancient Greece and a

Friday 1st July


In English this week, excitement mounted as we found out that Peter's father and Pax have been reunited in a strange turn of events. The children have learnt more about Bristle (one of our fox characters) and written in role as Pax expressing his love for Peter. They have also written a heartfelt letter from Peter to his grandfather and written the next chapter. 


In maths, we have continued our topic on converting units, in particular converting units of time and using timetables. We have also started our new topic on volume, in which some of our children enjoyed using centimetre cubes to make solid shapes. 

Term 5


In English this term we are going to be reading a dystopian novel called Floodland. The children will be making predictions, writing in role, writing descriptions and making inferences this term. So far we have learnt that one of the characters is called Zoe and she is escaping an island. We have made predictions this week about what we think happened to Zoe before she started running away from the gang and why we think she was on the island in the first place. 


In Maths we will be starting off with continuing our decimals topic. We will be adding and subtracting decimals, including answering problem solving questions, as well as making decimal sequences. We will then be moving onto geometry, when we will be looking at properties of shapes.


In Science this term, we will be doing the Electrical Circuits and Conductors project, during which, your child will learn about the importance of electricity to our daily lives and the two sources, mains electricity and cells or batteries. They will discuss the dangers of mains electricity and safety measures. They will learn about a range of electrical components, such as cells, batteries, wires, lamps, buzzers and motors, and use them to construct series circuits, exploring the effect of adding and removing different components. Your child will learn to recognise the difference between a complete and incomplete circuit and examine ways of fixing incomplete circuits. 


For Geography and History this term we will be doing the Groundbreaking Greeks! In the Groundbreaking Greeks project, your child will learn about different periods of Greek history, exploring the earliest civilisations, the devastation of the Dark Age and the breakthroughs and developments of the Archaic and Classical periods. They will understand how the geography of Greece affected the development of city states and explore Athens, learning about the structure of the government and society. 


 Friday 27th May


This week we have had lots of fun learning about the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee. The whole school researched the different scientific discoveries and technology inventions that were created during the Queen’s reign. As a year group, we were given the 1960s. Each class had 3 main events to research and create a news report about. We spent a long time researching, making props, designing scripts and filming our news reports so they could be shared with the rest of the school.


On Friday, we came in dressed in red, white and blue to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee. A fantastic picnic was set up for us and we thoroughly enjoyed sitting outside with the entire school to eat our lunch. After our lunch, we had an assembly where we shared our news report and listened to other classes share what they had learnt. We also sang the jubilee song which we have been rehearsing this term. We thoroughly enjoyed our day and the weather was perfect for the event.

Friday 20th May 


We've all had another very exciting week in Year 5, especially in Science. On Tuesday, the children spent the whole afternoon engaged in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths). Children were given the STEM question: Can fruit light a bulb? After a brief input, children worked in groups to investigate whether lemons, apples and potatoes could be used in place of a battery to light a bulb. For the results, please ask your child! In English this week, we started to think more deeply about the features of dystopian fiction. In preparation for their dystopian narrative next week, children created roles on the wall for their characters and wrote a setting description for their dystopian world. We can't wait to read their mind-blowing narratives next week.

In Maths, we have continued to explore angles on a straight line and around a point. Children have also enjoyed using protractors to draw accurately.


Have a wonderful weekend.


The Year 5 team. 

Friday 13th May 


This week in English we finished our book Floodland. We were all very surprised by the ending. Some of us loved it and some of us hated it! We discussed why we loved or hated it and then we planned our own alternative endings. We had great fun thinking of all the different endings that could have happened and enjoyed listening to and reading each other's endings. 


We have been really enjoying reading The Last Wild in our Reading lessons and this week we found out more about Kester's adventures after he escaped from Spectrum Hall! 


In Maths we moved onto shape this week. We were learning how to use protractors for measuring angles, as well as categorising them (into acute, obtuse and right) and ordering them. 

Friday 29th April 2022


Year 5 have had another busy week. On Tuesday, we welcomed Peter, from ShelterBox, who came to talk to us about the amazing work that they are doing in helping people all over the world in need. He spoke to us about all the items that go into a ShelterBox and how they are used. It was incredible to hear about the money that we have raised during our fundraiser at the end of last term. Year 5 were especially delighted to find out that our year group raised the most money! Thank you all so much for your generosity in supporting this.


In English this week, we continued to read Floodland and the excitement is truly mounting. The children wrote wonderful diaries from Zoe's perspective and analysed the characters of Dooby, Spat and Munchkin. Let's see how the storyline unfolds next week!


Have a wonderful rest over the long weekend and we'll see the children Tuesday morning.


The Year 5 team. 

Term 4


This term in English we will be reading Rooftoppers by Katherine Rundell. So far we are really enjoying reading about how Sophie got found by Charles in the middle of the English Channel in a cello case. We have looked closely at the language that the author has used to describe both Sophie and Charles and have written our own versions of the chapter.


In Science this term we will be learning about life cycles and ageing. The unit teaches children about animal life cycles, including the human life cycle. They explore human growth and development to old age. This week we have been classifying mammals and learning about the five mammalian characteristics: that they produce milk to feed their young, are warm blooded, give birth to live young, have fur or hair and breathe air with lungs.


Where does our food come from? This term in Geography we will be learning all about the geography of our food. We have been thinking about the question: how does our food get from the farm to our table? We discussed different foods and how we think we get them to our homes, as well as learning about the process of making bread. 


In History this term we will be trying to answer the question: how did religion affect life in Ancient Egypt? This week we started off by learning about what the Ancient Egyptian's beleive in. We learnt that they worship many gods. Some of us even designed our own 'modern' god for something that we thought was important today, for example climate change. 

Please use the below link to see the stunning artwork created by Y5 this term.

Friday 1st April 2022


This week in English, Year 5 planned and wrote a narrative from Sophie's mother's point of view. After gathering initial ideas, the children created a story map and wrote wonderful stories, bringing together all of the writing techniques that they have been learning since the beginning of Year 5. We then finished reading Rooftoppers and were all on the edge of our seats waiting to find out if Sophie would finally get to meet her mother. A beautiful ending to a fabulous narrative. Children then chose their favourite piece of written work from the term to publish and display in each classroom.


In Science, we posed the question: Do our reactions slow down as we get older? Children set up a series of investigations to try and answer the question. They tested their own reaction times and those of the adults in Year 5 and filled in their own data using spreadsheets. Most children predicted that the older the person is, the slower the reaction time. Well, we are pleased to announce that some of us adults proved them wrong!


Well done to all the children for working so hard this term. They definitely deserve a well-earned break over Easter. Enjoy the next two weeks and we will see you in Term 5!


The Year 5 team. 

Friday 25th March 2022


This week, Year 5 have worked very hard running laps to raise money for Ukraine. We set ourselves a goal of 500 miles. Fortunately, the weather was great throughout the week making our daily mile easier. After 5 days, we have run 2973 laps of the playground.

This means we manage to run 743.25 miles!!! 

Well done to all the children (and the teachers) for their great effort in running all week.


In English this week, we compared the emotions shown by different characters throughout the book. We discussed how characters might be affected differently by the same situations. We then wrote stories from Charles’ perspective to show his emotions when Sophie left for the rooftops. We considered what might happen next and what we thought Charles would do when he noticed that Sophie was missing.

Friday 18th March


This week, the children voted for running or walking 500 miles over the course of next week to raise money for Ukraine! Let's hope we are able to cover even more miles by the end of the week! We will be posting pictures next week to show you how the children get on! 


In English this week, we have been continuing with Rooftoppers, which we are thoroughly enjoying. We have written diary entries from both Sophie and Matteo's perspective this week and have worked really hard at including lots of description and figurative language in our writing. 

Friday 11th March 2022


This week in Year 5, we have been thinking about the events taking place in Ukraine and how we can help. We have asked questions, listened carefully, discussed and expressed many emotions. It has been touching to see how all of the children have taken an active interest in what is happening and also how they are passionate about helping the people of Ukraine. As part of our fundraising challenge, children brainstormed possible ways that they could raise money and thought about the practicalities of their suggestions. A Year 5 vote will take place on Monday and we will begin the preparations of our Ukraine appeal.   



In English this week, we have continued reading Rooftoppers and have delved deeper into Sophie's quest to find her mother.  We have written a 'dream' narrative and created a new character using figurative language, relative clauses and expanded noun phrases. We have also enjoyed meeting Matteo, a young boy who runs along the rooftops of Paris. Let's see how the storyline unfolds next week!


Have a wonderful weekend! 

Friday 4th March 2021


This week, we were given the opportunity to join in various different activities for World Book Day. In year 5, we took part in the ‘Football and Books’ quiz online. The writers of a series of books called ‘Football School Books’ led the quiz and were joined by various professional football players, including Jessie Lingard from Manchester United. We had lots of fun and enjoyed hearing what books different footballers enjoyed. We were also given the chance to read to children in other classes. Everyone  in year 5 was paired with students from both reception and year 2 and given time to share book. We read to them, listened to them read and asked lots of questions. We thoroughly enjoyed spending time with other year groups and sharing our love of books.


On Friday, we dressed up as our favourite characters from the books we have read so far, including Twitch, Danny Chung and Folk Tales from the Caribbean. We loved seeing all the different costumes and discussing our favourite book characters. On Friday morning, we went to the Great Hall to watch a performance by the Tunbridge Wells Symphony Orchestra. Some of the children from year 5 were also invited to join the orchestra for a special performance. We learnt about the different instruments and listened to them play some of their songs. We were thoroughly entertained by their amazing performance.

Friday 11th February 2022


This week, we have been looking at play scripts in English. After identifying the key features of a playscript, we wrote our own playscripts based on a Caribbean folk tale called ‘The Elephant’s drum’.  The children worked in groups to create scenes based on different events within the story. After writing their scripts, the children had an opportunity to act them out.


In science, we have been using our knowledge on the movements of the Earth to create a sundial. We imagined we were back in the stone ages and had to create a device to help us tell the time. The children used their knowledge about how shadows change throughout the day to design their dial. Once the sun had come out, we tested them outside to see how accurate they were.

Friday 4th January 2022


In History this week we have been learning about the Domesday Book. We have learnt about why William the Conquerer decided to create the Domesday Book. We took on the roll as Comissioners and interviewed other people in our class and wrote up our own entries for a modern day Domesday Book.


In Geography this week, we are preparing to design a piece of equipment for collecting and storing rain water that can be used by people on expeditions in the hills. We have been discussing which activities at home that use water are the most important, for example watering the garden, cleaning teeth and cooking. 


In Computing, we have been using our skills and knowledge of algorithms to create a timestable game on Scratch. We are trying to include sensing, variables, timers, changes in costumes and more than one backdrop in our game to practise the skills we learnt in Term 1 of Year 5.

January 28th 2022


This week, Year 5 were invited to join a primary school virtual talk to meet real life Googlers. During this live stream STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) session, the children were given an introduction to Googlers and Google, they learned about what it would be like to work in coding and went on a virtual tour of Google offices around the world. 


In Maths, this week, Year 5 have been continuing to learn about fractions. They have experimented with manipulatives to explore what a fraction is and they have been investigating equivalent fractions. 



21st January 2021


This week, Year 5 have been learning more about the composition of folk tales. We have discussed how the writers use these tales to share different morals with their readers. Year 5 have written their own endings to folk tales, focusing on using the content of their story to teach the reader a lesson about how to behave in the world. 


In Science, the children have continued their journey into space. They have investigated whether the Earth is round or flat by comparing the size and shape of shadows that have formed on the moon. We discussed how ideas around the shape of the Earth changed over time as new technology has been invented and new scientific discoveries have been made. This includes the use of satellites to take pictures and the discovery of gravity. 

14th January 2022


Happy New Year!


The children have had a great first few weeks back after Christmas. We started our new book Tales from the Caribbean last week and are enjoying listening to the traditional tales. We spent the first week of term researching the islands of the Caribbean and creating our very own class information books about them. 


In Science last week we did a very exciting experiment! We all had three cups of water of varying temperatures. To start the experiment, we measured the temperature and recored it, before putting ice into each cup to see how fast the ice melted. We were testing the effect of sea temperatures on the rate of ice melting.


In Geography this term we are continuing our Investigating Water topic, focussing this term on where water comes from. In Computing we are learning about algorithms and last week we were investigating different searching algorithms by pretending to do them ourselves when playing a game of Battleships. In History this term we are learning about how numbers have changed over time. We started the topic off by discussing why numbers would have been used in the prehistoric period and what they would have been counting, as well as comparing ancient number systems to our current number system. 


In PE this term, Year 5 will be doing hockey with Mrs Smith and gymnastics with Mr Levett. The children have really enjoyed coming up with their own gymnastics routines and performing them to the rest of the class. 

This week we had a visit from Fantastic Fred and a professor. They were teaching us the importance of looking after our mental health. We learnt about the four elements to help us: F - food, R - rest, E - exercise and D - devices. It is important for us to have a balanced diet and not eat biscuits on toast for breakfast, like Fred was! The Professor also taught us that it is important for us to rest, try to do 60 minutes of activity a day and to not spend too much time on our devices, particularly before bed!

Fantastic Fred

Thursday 16th December 


It was so lovely to see some of you this week for our performance! We had a great time and hope you enjoyed watching it, and if you weren’t able to come you can watch our filmed dress rehearsal! Thank you for all your help with costume and learning lines!


This week, we published our own versions of Twitch and have put them on display in our classrooms for our classmates to read.


Next term we will be transporting ourselves to the Caribbean as we begin to study the book Tales from the Caribbean, by Trish Cooke.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you in January!

3rd December 2021


This week has been another busy week. Rehearsals for our upcoming Christmas Nativity, 'Straw and Order' are in full swing and we are all so proud of the effort and commitment that our Year 5s have been displaying. Their singing is beautiful and their enthusiasm uplifting! In English, we are approaching the last few chapters of our wonderful text, 'Twitch'. We shared the sentence: 'an exciting mystery adventure about friendship, bravery and birds, as well as a celebration of the natural world' and explained that this is what Twitch was based on. Children worked incredibly hard writing their own narratives based on this. These will then be published as a class anthology.


Have a wonderful weekend! The Year 5 team.

Friday 19th November 2021


This week in science, we have been looking at different forces, specifically air resistance. We used different materials to make parachutes and carefully considered how to make it a fair test. Once we had created our parachutes, we dropped them from a height and timed how long it took for them to hit the floor. We discussed why we thought some materials worked better than others.


This week, we recognised anti-bullying week by having an ‘odd socks day’. We spoke about what this term meant and what we could do in various scenarios to help ourselves and others.

Science experiment -

Still image for this video

Friday 5th November 2021 


Welcome back! This week we have started our new book Twitch. It is about a young boy named Corvus (though no one calls him that, everyone calls him Twitch) who loves birds and bird watching. He spends a lot of his time in Aves Wood, a nearby nature reserve, where he likes to wait in his hide and spot birds like kingfishers. Scarily, he has found out that there is a convict who has escaped from prison and could be hiding 5 million pounds in Aves Wood! 


This week in RE we answered the question What is compassion? We discussed what is means to be compassionate and learned about how Florence Nightingale was compassionate. For our class prayer tree, we have created some lanterns and written prayers on the back of them. 


We also had our first Forest School session on Wednesday and there were big smiles all round! We had a leaf scavenger hunt, designed and made homes for hedgehogs and drank hot chocolate. A perfect afternoon!

Friday 1st October 


Bonjour! Comment ҁa va? En Franҁais cette semaine nous avons appris à commander de la nourriture au restaurant.


Hello! How are you? In French this week, we have been learning about how to order food in a restaurant. 


We have been role playing being in a cafe or restaurant and have been improving our pronunciation.


In maths this week, we have started our new topic on addition and subtraction, focusing on adding and subtracting two 4-digit numbers. We are using our knowledge of place value to support us. 

Friday 24th September 2021


This week we have been getting into role as the main character from our class text, Danny Chung Does Not Do Maths. Danny is an 11 year old boy who was promised an amazing surprise, only to find out that his surprise was sharing a bunk bed with his Chinese grandmother, who he has never met! We got in role as Danny and did some hot seating, asking each other questions about how he could have been feeling at different points in the text. We then put ourselves into Danny's shoes by writing a diary entry.


We have also finished our place value topic this week. We have become much more confident in comparing and ordering numbers up to 100,000 and have learned new skills like rounding to the nearest 100,000 and comparing and ordering numbers to 1,000,000.


In R.E this week, we have been looking at the question: Does God forgive? In small groups, children acted out different scenarios.

Please welcome our Reading Ambassadors for this week.