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Southborough Church of England Primary School



Term 6 Week 2: 

In English this week, we learned more about Varjak Paw and his predicament to save his family. We have followed him into the Outside on the hunt for a dog, and learned more about the city and those who live within it. The children were tasked with writing some descriptive paragraphs about the new world Varjak is now living in, why don't you ask them what it is like?


In Science, the children have been learning about the different stages in a food chain. We discussed what a producer is, characteristics of primary and secondary consumers and gave examples for each.


In History, we continued learning about the Georgians, in particular the East India Trade Company. The children were tasked with joining up with similar traded items and linking this to our key question for the lesson: Were in the world did the Georgians rule? The children were able to identify that although they technically ruled over Britain, their rule was far further reaching due to their trade links.


In PE this week, the children participated in their first Olympic event, the obstacle race. Lots of fun was had by all, check out the Southborough Summer Olympics page to find out more.




Have a look at our food chain. Can you identify who is who?

Term 6 Week 1: 

This week we met the hero of our Term 6 book, Varjak Paw. We have already started to read the book and have so many questions, such as:


  • Who is the man with the two black cats?
  • Where is the Contessa?
  • What lies beyond the towering garden wall?
  • When will we hear one of Elder Paw’s Tales of Jalal?


Hopefully we will discover the answers to these questions soon! In the meantime, we found out that unlike the rest of his family of Mespotamian Blues, Varjak is desperate to go outside and explore. His family lose patience with him and can’t understand why he isn't more like them. In English this week, we role played a family discussion and each took on the part of one of the family members.

In computing this week, we used the Lego WeDo for the very first time! In our lesson, we applied our knowledge of coding, algorithms and sequencing to instruct snails to glow. We built the snails and created the program. We managed to light up the snail in different colours by connecting the Smarthub to our iPads and sending our algorithm across. We can’t wait for next week!


Term 5 Week 6 - 24/05/21 - What have Warwickshire been learning?

In English, we continued looking at poetry and concluded the week writing poems of our choosing - mostly about kitchen appliances and their unusual uses.


In Maths, the children have started to learn about decimals. We focussed on hundredths this week and converting between fractions and decimals. After half term, we will be comparing and ordering decimals and then putting them in the context of money.


In History, the children conducted research into Elizabethan pastimes and presented their findings to the class.


We finished the week with a fun-filled game of Rounders, it was a lot of fun and the children are now Rounders experts, why don't you quiz them on the rules? Have a fantastic half term!

Term 4 Week 3 - Science Week!

It's been wonderful welcoming the children back to school and what a way to start with Science Week! 

The children had a great time tinkering with prototypes for their NASA challenge. Please see the Sway below for more information:

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2020-21.

Who's in the Year 4 Team?

A 'hello' from your new teacher, Miss Wright:

Dear Warwickshire,

I am so excited to be your teacher in Year 4! We are going to have a very fun and fabulous year together that will begin with learning about myths and legends, folklore, Vikings and adventure in September.


I feel very fortunate to be a primary school teacher as I get to be a part of your learning journey and teach you about a wide variety of topics. Together, we will explore the curriculum, learning about rainforests in Geography, the Egyptians in History and classifying animals in Science, as well as many other topics and subjects.


I can’t wait to learn about your interests and hobbies too! Some of my hobbies include: playing sport, keeping fit, eating and baking. Growing up I used to be very active, I would go to dance classes most evenings, play netball three times a week and compete as a cheerleader for the Brighton Panthers Cheerleading Squad.
Recently, my interests have changed ever so slightly. I still like to stay active but do it through playing netball twice a week and going to the gym. Of course all of that exercise is hungry work and I love getting home and cooking a delicious dinner followed by a home-baked dessert. Delicious!


I look forward to watching all of your poem or story videos and speaking to you all on the 21st of July. Until then, stay safe and enjoy the lovely weather,

Miss Wright.

Miss Wright reads, 'Marcy and The Riddle of The Sphinx ' by Joe Todd-Stanton:

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Part 2.

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