Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Term 5-6 Curriculum News

 Over the last two terms we have been developing our skills in Athletics, Cricket, Tennis and Rounders along with Ultimate Frisbee across the different key stages. In Athletics we have been learning all the different techniques for running, jumping, throwing whilst developing sprint starts and the correct technique for passing the baton during the relay.

We have been very lucky to have three different running tracks marked out across the field in preparation for our Sports Day in July. This includes a 60 metre, 200 metre and a daily mile(400 metre) running track that we use for our distance running and Cross country in the winter months. 


In Cricket we've focused across the curriculum with Rapid Fire Cricket for Years 1 and 2, Diamond Cricket in Years 3 and 4 and then focused more on specific techniques when striking and fielding a ball as well as correct technique when bowling a ball for upper Key Stage 2. Our pupils have practised both Dynamo Pairs Cricket and Diamond Cricket in preparation for Kent School Games event at the Nevill Cricket club. 


In Rounders we have focused on moving around the bases and worked on accurate fielding with the help on Mrs Smith from Sprint PE. Pupils have enjoyed the different approaches Mrs Smith has used to make the games fully inclusive. 


We've again focused on developing different skills in Tennis around controlling the ball on the racket and correct position to play an effective shot both on the backhand and forehand. Pupils have enjoyed the different mini games that we've played whilst using of our tennis net in curriculum time and during lunch break for years 5 and 6.