Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Term 2: Climate Fiction

Discovery Storytime Term 2: Climate Fiction

For this term’s Discovery Story Time, all year groups at Southborough are reading different Climate Fiction books. This means they will be reading stories that deal with issues surrounding climate change and global warming. For fifteen minutes each day, our teaching assistants will be reading a Climate Fiction text from our Discovery Centre’s rich collection.


During Discovery Story Time, we will be thinking about why it is important to read about climate change, and start to imagine different potential futures for our planet. Teaching assistants will be reading both non-fiction and fiction texts, using the non-fiction texts to introduce the different climate issues discussed in their class Cli-Fi text.


When reading Climate Fiction, children will be looking at the importance of hope and compassion, discussing practical approaches to help look after our planet. Classes will focus on the hope, compassion and perseverance that is needed to care for and respect our environment. 


Classes will be reading the following books:


10 Things We Can Do to Help Our Planet by Melanie Walsh

The Tree by Neal Layton

The Journey Home by Frann Preston-Gannon

Errol's Garden by Gillian Hibbs


George Saves the World by Lunchtime by Jo Readman

Clem and Crab by Fiona Lumbers

Clean Up! By Nathan Bryon

A Planet Full of Plastic by Neal Layton

The Tale of a Toothbrush by M.G. Leonard


A Climate in Chaos by Neal Layton

The Story of the Blue Planet by Andri Snaer Magnason


Wild Child: A Journey Through Nature by Dara McAnulty

The Wilderness Wars by Julia Green


Climate Action by Georgina Stevens

How to Bee by Bree Macdibble


Climate Emergency Atlas by Dan Hooke

Across the Risen Sea by Bree Macdibble