Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Highlights from week 1

The photographs above, titled 'Highlights from week 1', show the children designing an animal that would survive on a planet of their choice. Among many ideas was the 'camelephant' or the 'elephamel', an animal that would be able to survive on a very hot planet due to having both a long trunk and humps where it  could store plenty of water! 

Welcome back! We hope you have had a lovely summer break and are excited to start the new academic year! This week in Suffolk we will be exploring the wonders of space after an exciting letter appeared on our desks from NASA. NASA have asked for our help in the development of an exciting new space school, so this week we are going to get creative and blast off into a learning journey of space where we will explore the different planets and even getting to create our own! The children will be packing their space suitcases and exploring what essential items astronauts need to take into space. They will also research and learn about Neil Armstrong and his first steps on the moon. At the end of the week, the children will be writing a letter back to NASA to inform them of all the wonderful things we have learned about the solar system, and most importantly, to inform the astronauts at NASA what they need for their own space adventure! 

This Week's Notices: 

The children have had an excellent start to Year 1 so far and have settled in brilliantly!

· Remember you may continue to bring your child into the classroom on a Monday morning if you wish.

· Please ensure that your child’s wellies are labelled and on their pegs all year for Outdoor Learning.

· Please can you also ensure that your child has the   appropriate seasonal P.E kit with every item labelled.

· To ensure our Reading areas are exciting and engaging we would really like to put up some photos of the   children reading in a special/comfortable place. We would be really grateful if you could send in any     photos of your children reading to put up on display.



Thank you,
The Year 1 Team.