Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Our week in pictures - 5th July 2021

Week beginning 12th July 2021 


It has been a busy week in Year 2 and, although tired, the children have been working hard and surprising us with their perseverance.


On Wednesday we completed our final races for the Southborough Olympics and we are now waiting excitedly to hear the results at the Southborough Summer Olympics Medal Ceremony on Tuesday. (Please see this week’s Friday News about PE kits for next week).


Another highlight of the week was Science. We were looking at real plant roots and discovering why they are so important for a plant to survive! The children produced some amazingly labelled, scientific diagrams of plants.


In History this week we have been comparing Southborough High Street as it looks today with how it looked in the past. We were considering the similarities and the differences.  One of the biggest surprises was the difference in the number of cars, as well as the reduction in greenery. Although the addition of electric street lamps was definitely seen as an improvement.


Finally, beware the Surrey Puma which was last sighted in our Olga da Polga story! The children have been writing their version of what happened to Olga when rumours of an escaped puma abound!

Claude, Sir Bobblysock and our super Scientists!

Our Year 2 Teaching Team

Left to right: Mrs S Allison, Miss A Towler, Mrs C Clements, Miss L Silcott, Mr W Levett, Mrs P Britton

Our Year 2 Teaching Assistant Team

Left to right, back row: Mrs J Boulcott, Miss L Brewin, Mr G Bentley, Mrs V Webb, Miss E Garner

Left to right, front row: Miss M Storey, Miss C Bennett

A little message from Miss Towler, Friday 10th July 2020:

Hello Suffolk 1,

On 22nd April 1999, I decided I wanted to be a teacher. At 7 my teacher was just wonderful, everything I aim to be one day. 16 years later I taught my first class and it was everything I wanted it to be and more.


Children, you are the most pure, kindhearted, forgiving bundles of energy that I could possibly have the privilege to spend my days with.  I strive to teach in a way that children will remember, building their confidence, even if that does mean I sing and dance my way through the day. If you hear Disney music playing loudly down the corridor, or a song involving llamas, it is most likely me!


I cannot wait to begin a new year with you Suffolk! I imagine there are many talents, achievements and successes you will experience, hurdles you will conquer and memories we will share. It won’t always be easy, but that’s half the fun of it!


So pack your voices, dancing shoes and imagination, and welcome to Year 2…


Love Miss Towler x 


Story Time with Miss Towler - The Smartest Giant in Town by Julia Donaldson

Still image for this video