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Year 3 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

The Year 3 Team

Miss Beasley's Story Time

Term 3 Week  2 - Week beginning 10th January 2022 


It was so lovely welcoming the children back after the Christmas break and we have well and truly got stuck back into our learning and have already learnt so much over the past two weeks. In English, we have been exploring our key text this term 'The Rhythm of the Rain' by Grahame Baker-Smith. This text is bursting with truly gorgeous illustrations and have used some of them to help us create some fantastic setting descriptions. We began by introducing ourselves to Issac, a little boy who loves exploring the wilderness and we got to see his favourite pool on top of his favourite mountain. We have spent time looking at the beginning of the story and Issac's journey as he follows a stream through a forest and into the countryside. We have worked hard on building our vocabulary and have even learnt words such as 'dissipated' and 'hues'. Through our exploration of this text so far we have also developed our skills in using prepositions, conjunctions, commas in a list and the past progressive tense. We are very excited to find out where Issac's journey leads him next week. 


In Maths, we have been learning our 4 and 8 times tables and developing our skills in solving multiplication and division equations involving these. In History, we have begun to look at the Iron Age and what life was like as a Celt living during that time. In Geography, we explored what a mountain was and what they are made up of. In our Discovery Centre lesson this week, we built on this further by researching and finding facts about Mount Everest. We found out that it is over 60 million years old! In Computing, we used iPads and Lego equipment to make satellites, which we all loved doing (see photos below of us in action!) In R.E we have begun to learn about the Holy Trinity and in Music we have started learning how to play the violin. 


We have had a very exciting first two weeks back and we can't wait to find out how we are going to build on our learning next week! :) 

Week Beginning 11th October 

Term 1 Week 7 


What an exciting week of learning it has been! We started off the week with a smile as we had our photos taken and we continued to build and deepen our knowledge of our text 'Quill Soup' in English. On Monday, we used the different skills we have been learning e.g. fronted adverbials and subordinating conjunctions, to form a retell of the story so far. We have also looked at the story "Stone Soup" as this is the original tale that our story is based upon. After hearing the story we then made comparisons to Quill Soup and thought about how the stories were similar and how they were different, before making a prediction of what might happen in the end. Next week we will be looking at the end of the story and we are very excited to find out what happens to Noko. In Maths, we have been looking at adding and subtracting a one-digit number from a 3-digit number, using our knowledge of number bonds to help us. We have begun to explore solving equations involving exchanging and crossing ten. In Reading, we have been developing our skills in clarifying new vocabulary, such as, sleek, alongside our skills in forming a summary. In History, we continued to dive into the world of the Romans and we explored what Roman soldiers wore and thought about what the most important element of their armour might have been and why. In Geography, we thought about why Australia is much hotter than England and we found that it is due to the tilt of the Earth and the fact that it falls through the Tropic of Capricorn, alongside the heat travelling down from other places closer to the equator. We also created a weather map and looked at how the temperature varied between different places within Australia which helped us to understand how big Australia is. We are very excited to find out where our learning will take us for the last week of the term! :) 


Please use the below link to find out more about the amazing art Y3 have been creating this term:

24th September 2021

Term 1


It’s been a very exciting week in Year 3.

In English, we have continued to read our text ‘Quill Soup’. From this, we have written speech sentences within a narrative and explored the thoughts and feeling of the different characters through freeze frames and thought tracking. We had to think very carefully about how to punctuate our speech sentences. In one of our Reading lessons, we had the exciting opportunity to visit the Discovery Centre. We used a range of non-fiction books to research different animals that appear in our English text, ‘Quill Soup’. In Maths, we have been finding 100, 10 and 1 more than any given 3-digit number as well as ordering numbers in ascending and descending order. In History, we have continued our topic on the Romans by exploring why the Romans invaded Britain. In Geography, we started our journey to discovering Australia. In Science, we learnt about the formation and characteristics of the three different types of rocks: sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic. Also, we tested the permeability of chalk by using pipettes to drop droplets of water onto the rock and waiting for a minute to see if it was absorbed. In Computing, we learnt how to program a sequence of instructions that create visual effects. In French, we learnt how to say and respond to ‘Hello’, ‘Goodbye’ and ‘How are you?’ as well as our numbers from 1 – 10. In RE, discovered why Noah agreed to build an ark for God. Look at our photos from this week below!