Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Summer Olympics

Hello everyone and welcome to the biggest event of the summer!! 


Unfortunately, due to covid, it is not possible to host a normal Sports day with all the spectators, so instead, we have produced the idea to host all the events over a longer period to ensure the children do not miss out on all the fun. 


Over the next six weeks, starting on Monday the 14th of June, every child will be participating in six different events. Each child has been assigned a continent and is aiming to win points for their continent. Their results will be recorded and two boys as well as two girls will represent each continent in a final for the events where finals are held, based on the fastest runs/longest throws and furthest jumps in each continent in that year group. The first final (Sprint Race) will be held on the Wednesday the 30th of June. 


Over the next few weeks, we will be posting videos of the children participating in all the different events starting with the obstacle course on Monday and each week will be followed by a different event. So, stay updated with this page in the next few weeks to see how everyone is getting on with all the events. 

Welcome to the first day of the Southborough Summer Olympics!! 


The Obstacle Course: Our first event was conquered by four different classes today. Starting off with Berkshire and Lancashire (Year 6), followed by Yorkshire and Suffolk (Year 2). Some amazing athleticism was displayed by the children which lead to some lightening quick times.  


Thank you so much to all the children who drew made the mascots. They all look very well designed and must have taken a lot of effort. There will be a winner for each group which will be revealed at the end of term at the Celebration Prize Giving.


Here are some pictures of the children completing the obstacle course. 


Hello everyone, today has been the second day of the Southborough Summer Olympics.


In the morning two year 4 classes completed the obstacle with some record-breaking times.

Two Year 3 classes and a Year 2 class completed the obstacle course where a huge amount of noise was made by each continent to encourage their teammates.


Here are some more pictures, the video links will be uploaded soon don't you worry.

Hello Parents, Pupils and Staff.

Today (Wednesday) has been another wonderful sunny day down at the obstacle course. 

All three Year 1 classes ran the course and came out with some cracking times.

A special thanks to those helpers from Year 5 who helped Mr. Levett and Mr. West put away the obstacle course, they have been awarded extra points for their continent.


Here are some more photos that we managed to take.

More videos will be uploaded in the next few days so stay updated with the page.

Hello Everybody!! 


We have had another fantastic day at the obstacle course.

The rain was a slight complication, however Mr Levett and Mr West managed to figure out a way for the children to complete it in the safest way possible.


Today we had all three Year 5's run the course as well as two classes from Reception(Forest and Mountain). Another big thanks to the four students in Year 5 who put away the obstacle and have won extra points for their continent.


Here are some more photos from day. What's today Thursday? 

Hope you enjoyed the latest videos and some more will be uploaded tomorrow.

Hello Everyone!!

Its been a wonderful first week of the Southborough Summer Olympics.

All the children have really got into the spirit of it and it has been really great to see.


Here are the results after the first week as well as some of the standout performers.
























Forest (R)






Herefordshire (1)






Suffolk (2)



Yorkshire (2)












Oxfordshire (4)












Berkshire (6)






Well what a busy week! As we come to the end of the first week of the Southborough Summer Olympics Mr West and I have seen some fantastic performances as you can see above. Almost every pupil in the school has taken part this week in their classes and although the rain stopped play today, we will finish the obstacle races later next week for the remaining 3 classes. We are watching the weather closely and at the time of writing it does look like a damp few days ahead! Therefore, next week we will focus on our 'jumping events' instead of the scheduled 'sprints' which we'll endeavour to do in week 3. We'll also continue to upload pictures and links of pupils performer throughout week 2 in their year groups. 


The pupils have been really excited to take part in the races this week and have been talking about their continent scores with America narrowly leading with 105 points.  As you can see above, the scores are really close after week 1 with the Southborough Summer Olympics well and truly under way.  




Hello Everyone!!

Hope you has a nice weekend!!

Here is a link to a slideshow of many of the photos and videos from week 1 of the Southborough Summer Olympics.

Today has been another thrilling day at the Olympics!!


Due to weather, this weeks event has been changed to the Speed Bounce and the Standing Long Jump.

The Year 6's that were not on the trip, as well two Year 2 classes (Suffolk and Yorkshire) participated in the jumping events today. Some amazing ability was displayed, which will result in some medals at the end of term for some of the standout performers.


Here are some photos from today and do not forget to give last weeks slideshow a watch. Here is the link again for it.







Hello Everybody!!

Today(Tuesday) has been another wonderful day here at the Southborough Summer Olympics.

It was another day of Jumps which includes the Speed Bounce and the Standing Long Jump. 

Saw some fantastic Jumps today especially by one girl in Year 3 who performed an outstanding Long Jump. Here are some photos from the day.

Its been another busy Wednesday at the Southborough Primary School Olympics. Today it was Year 1's turn to do the jumping events. We had some fantastic performances in the 'Speed Bounce' from with Evie, Hannah, Zoya, Austin and Amelia. We also saw some great jumping from Zachary, Tommie, Jack, Florence and Ellie in the 'Standing Long Jump'. Well done to all our pupils today who produced some exceptional performances. We've added some pictures from throughout the day highlighting the pupils achievements.