Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School



What have Shropshire been doing this week?

In maths this week we have been developing our knowledge of fractions and decimals by  turning them into percentages. We have come to the end of our brief percentages topic this week and will next week be moving onto graphs.


'I have found the percentage word problems quite challenging this week' Amy

'Decimals and percentages have been quite tricky, but I have enjoyed doing the workbook' Shay 


'I enjoyed changing decimals to percentages' Marlee 


'I have enjoyed percentages because some of it has been challenging' Kitty 


In English, we have created our own poems based on animals who live in Nigeria. After researching about our animal, we planned which words would be most suitable and be most effective for our poems.


This week in Science we were answering the question: who weighs more, baby boys or baby girls? This included looking and extracting the data from a mass chart and percentile chart. We discovered that on the whole, boys tend to be heavier than girls from birth, up to 52 weeks. We then spent time attempting to remember how much we weighed at birth, so were all very keen to find our own red books that recorded our weights and heights!



In maths this week, we have been continuing our work on decimals. We have been recapping comparing, adding and subtracting decimals from last term as well as rounding decimals. We have been doing a mixture of fluency questions and reasoning and problem solving questions to deepen our understanding of the topic. As we have now completed our decimals topic, we have moved onto percentages.

In English we are looking at poetry. We have spent the week performing poems written by Karl Nova as the book we are focusing on is written by him. We are going to be exploring poetic devices, writing our own poetry and performing too.




This term we are going to be planning a journey from London to Lagos in Nigeria. Karl Nova, the author of our text this term, was born and raised in Lagos before moving to London.


This week we introduced our Geography topic of Nigeria. We began to look at the differences and similarities between Lagos and London focusing on on physical features. For instance, both have major rivers running through the city centre - River Lagos and River Thames. 



Year 5 took on a STEM challenge of attempting to produce clean drinking water. We were given muddy water, a variety of materials and fabrics and an empty container.  We then had to discuss and build a way to pour the dirty water into the clean bucket to create clean  water.

Below are the common exception words for Year 3 and 4. Please ensure your child is confident with these words as they are commonly used in their writing. The Year 5 common exception words will be put on the website soon.

Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2019-2020