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Remote Learning

At the start of Term 5 we looked into the Government recommended resources for remote learning. We have trialled the resources with the children and teachers currently working at school as well as gathering feedback from parents as to how we can best support you at home.  Many thanks to all those parents who have kindly emailed in their thoughts and ideas. 

For Term 6 we have decided to continue to use the Government recommended Oak National Academy Resources for Maths, English and Foundation subjects as this website provides a helpful mix of online teaching videos and activities which do not require any printing.  In addition to this, should the Oak National Academy website be affected by heavy internet traffic, we would like to sign post you to BBC Bitesize which provides a variety of videos and some printable sheets and to continue using the excellent online Maths resources from White Rose.  Should you wish to have additional Maths and English learning for your child please follow the links to the Hamilton Trust website.

We would also like to share with you a suggested learning timetable to help you to structure your day, you will find this and all of the links you require in the Remote Learning Area under the relevant year group page.

Suggested learning timetable for term 6


Today’s learning

Where to find it

8.45 to 9.00

Collective Worship or Daily reflection

School website: remote learning area, collective worship

9.00 to 9.30

PE with Joe

School website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area 

9.30 to 10.30

Maths lesson

Oak National Academy

School website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area

10.30 to 10.45


10.45 to 11.30

English lesson

Oak National Academy

School website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area

11.30 to 12.00

Finish English task for 15 minutes and then do 15 minutes times tables activities

Times table activities - links on the school website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area

12.00 to 1.00


1.00 to 1.30

Daily Times Tables Quiz and

Daily Spelling Quiz

Microsoft Class Teams

1.30 to 2.30

Foundation lesson

Oak National Academy

School website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area

2.30 to 2.45 15 minutes spelling and handwriting School website: Link on the year group page in the remote learning area

2.45 to 3.10


eBooks via your SORA App


STEM assignment

Microsoft Class Teams assignment

Monday-Thursday 4.00-4.15 pm

Join your teacher for Teams class chat

Microsoft Class Teams 

If you are having difficulty accessing Oak National Academy please log onto BBC Bitesize

If you would like additional English and Maths learning please visit the Hamilton Trust learning area and select the Reception Home Learning Pack for the week and then select the learning for the day.

Remember these are only suggestions and you may decide that some resources suit your child (or your routine) better than others and the timetable is just a guide for those who would like it.

Your child/ren may enjoy chatting with their teacher about their learning on the Class chat, we are not expecting any of this work to be returned to school.

Daily Class Chats

Starting on Monday 1st June, Class Teachers will lead a half hour conversation for children to drop into every school day. The Class Teacher will be on the Team Class Channel on Monday to Thursday between 4pm and 4.15pm. During these times the chat will be monitored by Teachers and the Leadership Team.

Parents must ensure children are only using this platform during the set times and must monitor their child’s internet use at all times.

 Please note you can also download the TEAMs App on mobile devices e.g. phones and IPads.

Top Tips

  • Download the Teams App to mobile devices from the App Store if you wish to use a mobile phone or IPad for the class chat.
  • If you are having problems using Internet Explorer please try accessing Teams through Chrome.
  • In the class chat, click on the 3 dots to the right of the conversation select immersive reader and the text can be read out to your child.
  • When editing a word document in the Class Team area you can select the dictate icon and use voice activated typing, and if you go into the view tab in word you can select immersive reader to read out your document.

Class Assignment

A weekly STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths) assignment for children to complete by Thursday each week will continue to be set as a TEAMs assignment. This has been designed to enable children to use their imagination, carry out some internet research or talk to the people they live with, in order to explore the sounds they can hear.  Their response can include photographs and drawings to show their thoughts and findings and may even be a collaborative family team effort!  Just make sure each child returns a copy of their response to their teacher.  Class teachers are looking forward to seeing your child’s work and your child will receive written feedback by the end of the day on Friday about their ideas, this will be available in the assignments section of your Class Team.

Safeguarding, Online Safety and school protocols for using Microsoft Class Teams

To ensure we are safeguarding all users, please talk through the following amended Acceptable use of Technology terms for using Microsoft Class Teams (below) with your child /ren as well as the Acceptable Use of Technology Policy (attached) for all online safety.

  • Children’s messages should be in response to the teacher led posts. Please note this is not a platform for children to have 1:1 chats, private chats or use direct messaging with friends or their teacher.
  • Children should continue to use the messaging Apps already set up by their families to message their friends.
  • Please do not use this platform for video or audio calls (this include voice memos and memes).
  • Please do not upload any photographs.
  • Please contact the office by email on  for any parental enquiries.

Useful Parent Guides for setting up SORA eBooks and Microsoft Class Teams

Important Information