Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

PE- Curriculum

Welcome back to term 3 where the key curriculum focus is on Fitness and Gymnastics. In Gymnastics we look to divide the lessons into key areas developing the pupils ability travel on hands and feet.  We also teach the importance of take-off, jumping and landing and include rolling and balancing. Pupil also develop an awareness when learning to climb and swing using the apparatus available within the school. The aim is for pupils to have increased confidence both with floor routines and when using the low and high apparatus whist ensuring an awareness of quality and body tension within the movement through upper Key stage 2.


In Fitness the pupils are currently focusing on circuit training and targeting specific muscle groups to develop strength and stamina.  We also discuss the importance of how circuit training benefits wider sports and how pupils can develop a circuit to target specific sports to improve all round fitness.


In lower Key stage 2 and Key stage 1 pupils are developing their Gymnastics through  a range of movements, some easier and others more complex. The key focuses include developing the pupils ability to again travel on hands and feet. We also teach the importance of take-off, jumping and landing and include rolling and balancing but focus more on floor routines.  The teaching is designed to increase pupils understanding of progressive skill developments, heighten awareness of quality, increase the pupils confidence when making body shapes, paired support work, when using the apparatus and allow pupils to be creative in developing a sequence of movements.


Welcome back to term 2. We hope everyone had a relaxing October 1/2 term. We have a very busy term within our curriculum, clubs and competitions. This term pupils will be focusing on developing their ability to pass and move into space, invade and defend space and develop the ability to outwit an opponent. Pupils will also have the opportunity to play sports including Basketball, Handball and Netball during curriculum time to develop these key components. This learning will help support the leagues and competitions that run throughout term 2 in Key Stage 2.    

Practicing and delivering in curriculum time- Basketball

Welcome back to term 1 2021. This term we are focusing on our ball skills and learning to invade space and outwit an opponent in Key stage 2. We are focusing on Rugby skills and small games in preparation for the TWRFC festival in October. Pupils have been learning the importance of passing and moving into space and supporting  the player with the ball . We have also been very fortunate to have a local Rugby coach supporting our pupils with their learning in curriculum lessons along side Mr Levett


Key stage 1 have been continuing to develop their ability to invade space with a ball and we have also continued to focus on Multi Skills including being able to run with a ball, pass and catch the ball and more recently we are discovering the importance of changing direction to score tries with year 2. Year 1 continue to learn how to throw using the correct technique and how to pass and catch a ball from different heights. We are delighted to see so many pupils at the range of clubs on offer after school during the week. 

Over the course of the year the pupils follow a longer term curriculum plan allowing them to engage in a range of sports during curriculum time throughout the year. The aim is to give a broad range of sports so every pupil has the opportunity to flourish with their skills and fitness.


Sports are usually taught in advance of upcoming competitions to give pupils the opportunity to develop their skills. Clubs also form part of the training for these competitions and allow us to select teams ready for the events. Here is the most recent long term plan for 2021-2022 for our pupils across the key stages.  

PE Long Term Curriculum Plan

Upcoming Sports Events from September 2021