Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School



Picture 1 Forest school etchings
Picture 2 Forest school art
Picture 3 Working together at forest school
Picture 4 Discovering at forest school
Picture 5 Forest school art
Picture 6 Forest school art
Picture 7 Acting out a scene from our book, I Was a Rat!
Picture 8 Acting out a scene from our book, I Was a Rat!
Picture 9 Acting out a scene from our book, I Was a Rat!
Picture 10 Creating decoration for our GIFT boxes
Picture 11 Creating decoration for our GIFT boxes
Picture 12 Creating decoration for our GIFT boxes

What have Northumberland been doing?


Our text for this term is 'I was a Rat' by Philip Pullman. It is the story of Roger who turns up on the doorstep of a kindly shoemaker and his washerwoman wife, convinced that he was, until three weeks ago, a rat.  During the term we will be using the text to help us write diaries and descriptive prose. We will also be conducting a trial in our classroom courtroom and writing our own newspapers.  If your children are not familiar with the fairy-tale Cinderella, then reading this at home would really support their understanding this term.



We will start the term looking at data handling covering picture graphs and bar graphs. We will then move onto shape and space, learning about angles, perimeter and shape.



The children will continue to learn about the Romans, building on our trip last term to Lullingstone Roman Villa. We will begin by comparing the human and physical geography of England and Italy to decide which country could be best for a holiday. We will then investigate how volcanoes erupt, using Pompeii and Mount Vesuvius to consider the dangers of volcanoes. We will also be learning about ancient Roman imports, exports and trade, and looking at how the geographical features of Rome helped it to become the centre of an empire.



We are continuing to find out about plants by focusing on the process of how different plants reproduce themselves. We will be carrying out investigations, observations and experimenting with real plants to find out what their preferred growing conditions are. 



This term we will be exploring the world of opinion polls. We will plan and edit our own survey questions, and use software to create a poll to gather data about children’s opinions. We will then analyse and evaluate our findings. We will also continue to learn how to stay safe online, including keeping our personal information private.



Over the term we will be looking further at how Sikhs worship and the significance of each part of it. We will also be making links between the teachings of the Guru Granth Sahib and Seva. The children will be identifying the same / different things Sikhs do which show equality in the Langar, and will be discovering what happens at Vaisakhi and why Sikhs celebrate it. Throughout the term we will be discussing reasons why being a Sikh is a good thing in Britain today and how the Sikh faith is reflected in their day to day life.



The children will identify similarities and differences between a diverse range of people from varying national, regional, ethnic and religious backgrounds. They will also explore some of the feelings someone might have when they lose something important to them and discuss strategies to use if they are ever made to feel uncomfortable or unsafe by someone asking them to do a dare.



The children will be learning the names of some vegetables and will be able to say what they like and what they don’t like using full sentences.



A full P.E. kit (including trainers) should be kept in school at all times. This term Year 3 will be focusing on athletics ready for sports day on Wednesday 3 July.



In Design and Technology this term, we will be learning two new sewing stiches and then using these to make our own rat soft toy.



In music we will be developing children’s understanding of beat, metre and rhythm. Children will be combining melodic and rhythmic patterns and beginning to learn about and use staff notation.