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In English we have been writing an adventure narrative based on a character we created and the setting of the island where Roz lives. We have spent the week planning and boxing up our story. We are working towards building up our writing stamina to develop longer pieces of writing.


In Maths this week, we have been focusing on line graphs. We have been reading and interpreting line graphs which show different information and discussing what information they are giving us. We have been using our reasoning skills to explain the differences on line graphs over time. We have looked at the vertical (y- axis) and the horizontal (x-axis). We needed to remember that the general rule is that time goes along the horizontal axis and that each axis is clearly labelled so we can read the information.


What does this line graph show?


In PSHE this week, we talked about how important communication is and how it feels if someone is being rude or ignoring you when you are trying to talk or tell them something important. We did some role play of different scenarios and found it can be very frustrating if someone is not listening to you. If we listen carefully, we can learn lots of important information, receive messages, find out how people are feeling and catch up with our friends, but in order for this to work we need to make sure we are using good listening skills. We came up with a toolkit of what being a good listener looks like. Some examples we came up with include- showing that we are listening and interested in what they are saying, not letting ourselves become distracted, eye contact and not talking over other people or rudely interrupting them.


Can you guess who is speaking and who is not listening from the pictures?

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