Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Week ending 18th December 2020

Inevitably, we have had a week of high excitement and Christmas fun, but have managed to squeeze a surprising amount of learning in between these activities!  

The week started off with Northamptonshire 1's moment of stardom, with the filming of our fantastic Christmas Nativity.  We have already enjoyed watching this in class, but I am sure they will be wanting to see themselves performing again and watch it with you.  (I suspect this could be on repeat over Christmas.)

On Wednesday we had our Christmas lunch - eating in the hall was a novel excitement and we finished off the day with a party and a very important visitor who delivered presents to everyone.

On Friday afternoon, the children were given a mission; to help Santa save the North Pole. Their task was to make a Christmas gift out of recycled materials to help cut down on plastic waste.  They approached this task with such focus and dedication that I didn't have the heart to edit any of the photos - so they are all below for you to enjoy!

Being with a class of children who are so adaptable, enthusiastic and soak up learning is all the motivation we need.  In addition to this, to receive so many lovely and generous presents is icing on the cake!  We would all like to thank you so much and we are sorry that we are not able to do so in person.  We wish you and your families a very happy Christmas.

Mrs Bentham, Mrs McGinley and Mrs Hunter.

Week ending December 11th

We have been busy this week.  Some of the highlights have been rehearsing our nativtiy play, continuing learning about 2D and 3D shapes, printing in art, writing about Bob, the man on the moon and practising football skills in PE.  Our week ended with our fun Christmas jumper day.

Week ending 11th December

Week ending 4th December.

We have started a new topic in maths learning all about 3-D and 2-D shapes.  The children have been busy sorting and organising 3-D shapes into sets.  They have also been spotting these shapes in everyday objects - perhaps they could have a look at home and see if they can identify some, eg.  cylinders (Pringle tubes), cones (traffic cones), cubes (dice), cuboids (boxes)  and spheres (footballs).  

In geography this week, we have been comparing the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans and looking at the animal life found there.  We have also been looking at animals in science and the habitats they live in, particularly the Savannah and our local woodland area.

The nativity rehearsals are going well and the children have impressed us all with how quickly they have learnt their lines.  Thank you for all your support with this.  I'm sure they are excited about bringing in their costumes next week.

Archie is our Head's Hero this week for this hard work and good problem solving in maths.  Well done Archie!

Saturday 5th December is Northamptonshire's turn to recite the poem for the school advent calendar, so don't forget to take a look.

Learning about 3D shapes in maths.

Year 1 Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

Year 1 Teaching Team

Left to right top row: Mrs Large (Herefordshire Class Teacher), Mr Levett (P.E Specialist and Herefordshire Class Teacher Wednesday AM) 

Left to right bottom row: Miss Beasley (Year 1 Lead and Gloucestershire Class Teacher), Mrs Clements (Art Specialist), Mrs Bentham (Northamptonshire Class Teacher Wednesday - Friday), Mrs McGinley (Northamptonshire Class Teacher Monday, Tuesday and Thursday PM) 

Year 1 Teaching Assistants