Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Parentmail sent Saturday 21st March 2020

School Closure

Dear Parents / Carers

School Closure

School will be closed until further notice for all pupils apart from those we have offered emergency places to.   No other parent or child will be able to attend / visit or enter the school premises, even for those who have forgotten things as this would negate the effectiveness of school closure.  Staff will be working as long as possible either remotely or on site.   We are expecting this situation to change daily.   If you need any support or have any questions please send them via email to the main school office and we will do our best to reply within 48 hours. 

Emergency childcare places

We have now contacted all families who have informed us that they have a parent /carer as a key worker.

Parent Mail
We have had and expect to have in the future issues with our parent mail service and website due to the extreme demands across the country.  We will do our best to communicate in whatever way we can through parent mail but you also will need to regularly look at the school website where we will endeavour to replicate any messages, news or information. 

Southborough CEP School Continuity of Learning Plan.

It is recommended that you keep a school routine at home over the next few months e.g. children completing learning tasks between 9am -3pm and we will support you with this by developing a remote learning platform.  Although you may focus on your child’s year group page, you are welcome to use activities from other year groups. 

From Monday until the Easter holidays in the first instance, remote learning tasks for every year group will be posted each day in the remote learning area on the school website under the children’s tab.   We will aim to post work each morning for that day. Work for Monday is already on the website.

We are currently looking at new ways of working remotely and how we may be able to interact with the children through e-learning channels.  It is worth noting though this will be dependent on the reliability of the internet and access to this which is untested in these current extreme circumstances. 

There will no longer be any face to face or telephone consultations as our priority at this present time has to be looking after key worker’s children.

Reports went home with your children yesterday.  If you are currently self-isolating and your child was not in school, reports will be sent out after Easter.

Once again thank you for your continued support, it means a lot to us all. Wishing you and your families well.

With very best wishes.

Mrs E Savage