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Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2021-2022

The Year 4 Team

Miss Silcott's Story Time

15th October 2021


In English, we have been continuing with sentence types. Simple, compound and complex. We have thought about different conjunctions we can use to extend our sentences and add more detail in our writing. We have looked at direct and indirect speech as well. Do you know the difference?


In maths, we have been continuing with column methods both for subtraction and addition. We have been using concrete methods such as dienes, number counters and place value charts to support us with exchanging. Most of us have been using 4 digit numbers to calculate as well as thinking about how we can apply our calculation skills to reasoning problems.


In Science, we have been investigating our question 'How to soften a solid?'. We have used tealights as our heat source to melt chocolate, butter and ice. We predicted which one would melt the quickest and slowest. We were surprised by the results as we found how quickly the ice melted compared to the chocolate! The ice melted around 9 degrees Celsius  and the chocolate around 40 degrees Celsius !


8th October 2021

Term 1

In maths, we have continued building on adding and subtracting hundreds, tens and ones as well as thousands. We have been using concrete representations (Base 10, place value counters etc) before moving to abstract and mental methods. We have focused on lining up the digits and clearly setting the additions out in columns to help us get the correct answer. We have been applying our skills to reasoning problems.


In English, we have continued to read our text ‘How the Stars Came to Be’ by Poonam Mistry. We have written a diary entry about how the girl feels accepting such a large and important task which the sun has given her. We have used time connectives and fronted adverbials to extend our sentences and make them really exciting! 




In history, we have been exploring why the different Anglo-Saxon Tribes invaded and why using different sources of information is important when we are researching. Can you think of any examples?

24th September 2021

Term 1


In maths, we have been comparing 2 digit, 3 digit and 4 digit numbers. We have been using our reasoning and place value skills to justify why we are correct. We have recapped the words ‘ascending’ and ‘descending’ when ordering digits to help us make sure we are ordering the digits correctly. Being secure in our place value knowledge is really important when we are looking at numbers as we need to know why a number is greater than > or less than < or equal to = another number! At the moment we have been focusing on our thousands, hundreds, tens and ones- some of us know our place value up to ten thousand which is fantastic!


In Science, we have done our first investigation of the week! Our question- Why do we have bubbles in our water bottle? has been answered by looking closely at bubbles created in a container with pebbles In and pouring water on top. We used magnifying glasses to spot the really small ones! We found out that the bubbles are trapped air which is why we can see them. We also learnt that if we leave our water in a glass or bottle for a while, small bubbles appear and this is because the gases in the water have dissolved.


In English, we have carried on reading our text ‘How the Stars came to be’ by Poonam Mistry. We have focused on describing the Fisherman and his daughter using the text and illustrations to guide us, as well as research carried out in the Discovery Centre about Fisherman and the fishing industry. From this, we have been able to write a character description of the Fisherman’s daughter and a first person narrative from the fisherman’s perspective.


In Geography, we have continued to study coasts around the UK and explore the various reasons why people settle on the coast. We have identified the aspects of leisure, tourism and industry as key reasons for settling there. We have also begun to think about some examples of these aspects, including Fishing, Sightseeing and transportation.