Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School



Year 6 Curriculum Overview

Term 2, Week 7

What a great final week we have had in Lancashire! We have performed our Christmas play and did a fantastic job singing and acting. On Tuesday, we were lucky enough that a theatre company came in and performed ‘Twas the night before Christmas to us all. It was really entertaining. We had our delicious Christmas dinner served by our all the year 6 staff. Then to top it off we got an afternoon to do Christmas activities. Completing Miss Simpson’s complicated quizzes.

However, we did finish our class story of Pax and wrote a book review. In maths, we started to look at the four quadrants and following coordinates. Our computing lessons saw us create a fun scratch game with a wintry theme and had a wonderful time trying to program. 


It was my final week with Lancashire and what a week it was. It has been a pleasure to teach Lancashire and they have been an amazing, funny class. I wish them all the best next year and I know they will do fantastic with Mrs Capewell and Mrs Price.


Happy Holidays and have a fantastic time off. 

Miss Simpson


The Year 6 Teaching Team

Miss Simpson, Miss Kish and Dr Wilson

The Year 6 Teaching Assistant Team

Ms Goodacre, Mr Bollato, Mrs Cheeseman, Mrs Madhavan and Mr Phipps