Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Term 1, Week 7

We hope you have all had a lovely week. First, we would like to say an enormous ‘well done’ to all of the Year 6 pupils who sat the Kent tests yesterday; the children were focused, really engaged and persevered during what was a long day. We are all really proud of their efforts! That aside, it has been a good week for discussion as we finish our work on World War II, looking at the endings to Rose Blanche and The Journey. We have also been looking at the poetry of Ted Hughes and thinking about the strategies he uses to write his animal poetry. We have also been revising our long division strategies and looking at top tips for solving division word problems. In Science we thought about Darwin’s finches and the fact that their beaks have adapted to different environments. In Geography, we have looked at different climates and have discussed the impact that this has on the planet. Next week, we will be making fossils and writing animal poetry.


Have a good weekend and we hope that Year 6 have a much needed rest after their busy week!

Term 1, Week 6

This week in Year 6, we have finished both The Journey and Rose Blanche in English and reading, so we began to compare them. Children offered many insightful ideas on how they are similar and different. We noted the themes, plots, characters and structure, by comparing them using Venn diagrams to help us write a comparative paragraph.

In maths, we have been using our times tables knowledge to solve division problems and even using factors to help us with a method we could use mentally. This week has focused on short division and children have really shown their knowledge from last year. Next week, we will be moving onto long division.

We followed on our geography learning from last week, by looking at longitude and discussing where places are. Each class was able to find where we were and the places they are suggesting their traveller group go to. Labelling a map, children noted where the Prime Meridian was and the International Data Line, while also discussing how times change as we move east or west around the world for the Prime Meridian.

In history, children looked at the life of an evacuee by comparing it to some well-known children’s books and some primary sources based on someone’s life. The children were able to note some interesting ideas about how the fictional stories have some interesting takes on life for an evacuee.

Science saw us using a classification grid to compare sweets. We looked at this in preparation to create a more scientific grid, as this one made us all very hungry! In computing we are continuing our Angry Bird style games on Scratch, which have found some bugs that we will try and fix next week.


Have a great weekend,

Miss Simpson


Term 1, Week 5

It’s been another busy week for us, with lots of exciting learning going on inside the classroom!


This week in history, we have been comparing the experiences of various people during WW2, including looking in depth at some of the soldiers whose names are on the war memorial in town- it was fascinating to find out that some of them lived on the same roads as some of us! Looking again at our trip to the Americas in Geography, we investigated the meaning of latitude and worked out roughly what the latitude of Tunbridge Wells is. In Science we found out about Darwin’s theory of natural selection, and came up with our own imaginary island, detailing the climate, food sources, landscape, and predators.


Our English lessons were focused on our descriptive writing skills this week, as we delved further into our text for this term, “The Journey”. We imagined what speech we might have heard during different scenes, and used figurative language to describe a setting, character or mood.


Moving forwards in maths, we looked at multiplication, and tried out different methods to successfully multiply two-digit numbers by other 2-, 3- and even 4-digit numbers! What a busy week it has been.


I hope you all have a fantastic weekend,

Miss Simpson

Term 1, Week 4

We’ve already finished week four of our first term and we are hoping the children have enjoyed the week as much as we have.

In history, we have been exploring different sources in groups and finding out lots of new, interesting information about World War Two. We discussed if we would go to war for someone we never met before. Some of us decided that we would go to war for someone we never met, because it was doing something that would make us feel good for our country.

Travelling to South America in geography, we chose more places for our traveller groups to go to and found out that there are penguins in Chile!

We have had some fantastic lessons in English, thinking about creating a diary entry describing an event from our class book ‘The Journey’. Using some fronted adverbials and being told we can only use an ‘I’ sentence starter once, proved that we were able to write some interesting openers. Our reading lessons focused on non-fiction and picking out information. We were able to create a timeline using only two pages from a book of events that led up to the Second World War.

Maths continued with some exciting addition and subtraction, moving on to tricky word problems. However, with our fantastic place value knowledge, we were able to overcome any problem we faced.

In science, we compared a Labrador and Poodle using a Venn diagram and made some interesting observations, noting that there are many similarities- but there are just as many differences!

I hope you all have a fantastic weekend.

Miss Simpson

The Year 6 Teaching Team

Miss Simpson, Miss Kish and Dr Wilson

The Year 6 Teaching Assistant Team

Ms Goodacre, Mr Bollato, Mrs Cheeseman, Mrs Madhavan and Mr Phipps

Year 6 Curriculum Overview Term 1 2020

Year 6 2020-2021 Curriculum Overview 


My Favourite Poem

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Hello Lancashire,

I’m Miss Simpson, you might recognise me from such places as Collective Worship and the playground. September will be super and I am really looking forward to working with you all then and cannot wait to be back teaching. Being a teacher is great because I am able to work with so many different children and teach the subjects I love including history and maths. I can’t wait to get to know you all and hope you’re excited too and hopefully we will learn lots of new and exciting things. Some interesting things about me include my love of playing board games and computer games. Recently, I have got a Staffordshire Bull Terrier called Brick and I should be getting married next year and the theme is Wonder Woman and The Flash. No I am not dressing up like Wonder Woman but my dress will feature some superheroes on it.

Speak and see you all soon

Miss Simpson

Your new teacher