Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Golden Break

Golden Break

Mrs Dooley and Mrs Savage are delighted to welcome the following children to Golden Break. This gives us the opportunity to spend time with these pupils to discuss and celebrate their achievements

Friday 5th July


Buckinghamshire 3 Jack  for making great connections in maths
Durham 3 Annie  for her consistent hard work and motivation in every lesson
Northumberland 3 Katrin  for her insightful comments about dares on PHSE
Berkshire 4 Jacob 

for perseverance and skill with the climbing wall and

archery at Bexon Lane

Lancashire 4 Freddie 

for persevering when editing his newspaper article for

tone and inverted commas

Shropshire 4 Kitty 

for her thoughtful contributions to class discussions on the

industrial revolution

Devon 5 Aldin  for putting so much effort into his Greek inspired poetry
Sussex 5 Stephan  for his perseverance with fractions this week
Wiltshire 5 Ronnie 

for growing in maturity as a learner and asking for help in


Cornwall 6 Emma  for enthusiastic participation in rehearsals
Dorset 6 Thomas  for being an excellent welcoming party on Sports Day