Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School

Find out about 2023 upcoming events and fundraising this year!

End of Summer Term Update


WE HAVE RAISED JUST UNDER £30K (after all costs removed through our fundraising activities this year so far!!!)

We could not have done this without your support so a massive thank you!!

There are so many activities that have led to this which you can read about in our newsletter. But it is not all about our big events either so we have also attached other ways you can help raise money through your everyday shopping activities or regular donations if you would like. We are exploring other ways to add to this for next year!

New Trustees

We need a couple more trustees join our team next year. Trustees are not expected to be at all events however they are involved in the planning and legal aspects of running a charity.

We do not have anyone representing the new Reception intake, the new Year 2 or the new Year 6.

Although it is not essential to be from these year groups it does help us ensure our events are suitable for all year groups! If you are able to give a little time whatever year your children are in to help run our PTA charity please e-mail Nicola at


Our AGM will be held a little differently this year and be held at your Meet the Teacher Events in September as always the presentation and notes will be shared for those who cannot attend.


There we will share the finalised fundraising figures, confirm & agree our targets and activities for 2023/24 we are fundraising for next year as well as confirm new trustees in role.


Thank you for all the feedback and positive comments we have received recently it has been really appreciated!!

Have a great summer everyone!

The PTA Team