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Week commencing 20.6.22


Dear Parents and Carers,


Well, this week, it was lovely to 'return to normal' again after many of the children having been in France during the past fortnight. They were glad to be back, albeit with tales of garlic snails, delicious chocolate, bread-making, and room-tidying! It sounds as if they all had a great time! This week, we have begun our Crossways sessions in order to assist the children in transitioning to secondary school. These were informative, exciting and fun, and there was opportunity to ask lots of questions about what secondary school will be like. In English, we have been looking at the origins of the slave trade during the Tudor period, and have written historical narratives about Sir Francis Drake circumnavigating the globe between 1577 and 1580. In Maths, we have explored pie charts and looked at their relationship to percentages. Much of our afternoons have been spent rehearsing for our forthcoming production of 'The Lion King', which is coming together nicely in acting, song and dance (Please see this week's special edition Newsletter for more information). Without wishing to spoil it for you, can I just say that the masks look stunning.... wait and see! 


Finally, an enormous 'well done' to those children who took part in our choir performance at The Assembly Rooms on Tuesday; it sounds as if it was a huge success!


Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!


English: In English, we have begun reading a new book entitled, ‘Running on Empty’ by S. E. Durant. We will be writing a selection of narratives around the themes of learning difficulties as well as talent, and the fact that both of these may affect someone’s identity and a sense of ‘being different’. There will also be opportunities to write in a range of different non-fiction genres, and to explore character and plot in more detail. We will also be revising all of the grammatical rules and writing features that we have learnt so far in Primary, in preparation for Year 7.

Reading: In Term 5, the children will have the chance to analyse a range of poetry by contemporary writers. We shall also be comparing and contrasting writing styles and the use of language by different authors, as well as continuing to practise Reading Comprehension skills. A key focus will be developing the skills in relation to writing about literature and presenting a coherent and well-structured opinion about what we have read.

Maths: In Term 5, the children will learn more about Geometry-related topics: area, perimeter and volume. In addition, we shall be exploring Algebra as well as looking in more depth at Symmetry, Co-ordinates (reflection and translation) as well as Statistics, looking at the mean, as well as pie charts and a range of mathematical representations. We shall also be exploring Maths in real-life contexts.

Art: We will continue our work on last term’s structures, completing our bird cages inspired by last term’s text, ‘Where Do You Go Birdy Jones’ before moving on to learning and developing our application of mechanisms within CAMs.

P.E: In P.E this term the children will have a rotation of dance, cricket and tennis, building on the skills develop in previous academic years. In dance, the children will learn different African dance forms before choreographing a sequence to music.

R.E: In R.E this term, the children will learn in depth from different religious and spiritual ways of life about being a follower of the Muslim religion. They will further explore the five pillars of Islam and the importance of these beliefs for Muslims. Year 6 will gain a greater understanding of Islam and what we can learn from its beliefs, values and ideas.

Science: In science this term we will be learning about the way that light behaves, travelling in straight lines from a source or reflector, into the eye. We will explore how we see light and colours, and phenomena associated with light, including shadows, reflections and refraction.

History/Geography: Across history and geography this term we will be learning about Africa past and present and the development of the slave trade. We will also explore Britain’s role in the transatlantic slave trade, the causes and consequences of the European colonisation of Africa and the worldwide communities that make up the African diaspora.

RSE: This term we will be looking at our needs and what we need to feel safe and secure. We will also be learning about safe mobile phone use and the laws surrounding the sharing of personal information and images. In addition, we will learn about the norms around young people’s use of alcohol and that it is steadily decreasing.

Friday 22.04.22:


Dear Parents and Carers,


Welcome to Term 5! It was lovely to see the children again on Tuesday, and I hope that you all had a relaxing Easter break.

This week, we have started a new book in our English lessons, entitled: 'Running on Empty' written by S. E. Durrant. We have read only the first few pages, but it is about a boy who enjoys athletics and who is motivated by seeing Usain Bolt win the 100m during the 2012 Olympic Games. We have discussed the character of the boy and also written a newspaper report from the point of view of a spectator who is in the stadium during this memorable event. In Maths, we have revised the column method as well as decimals and percentages. In Science, we have started a new unit on 'Light Theory' and have carried out some fun experiments to prove that light travels in straight lines.


Please note that Home learning for this week is on Teams as usual. 


Have a lovely weekend,


Mr Andy Lucas and Miss Sophie Hollands

Week commencing 14.3.22


Dear Parents and Carers,


This week, we have been continuing reading 'Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?', and are really enjoying it. We have reached a part in the narrative whereby Birdy, the main character, is trying to find out who her parents are, and we have been discussing the kinds of questions that might result from being in that situation. We have also been writing narratives in the Romance genre. In Maths, we have been revising place value as well as angles and BIDMAS. In RSE, we have been looking at the implications of being in a minority group, whereas in Science, we have been discussing Juvenile development and the kinds of things that children learn to do at each stage: baby, toddler and child.

In addition, we have been discussing how to build a shelter in support of Ukraine: you will find more details about this on our Home Learning pages. Please do send any photos which you take of our home shelter-building, as we would love to see them! Perhaps the children could have a sponsored read or a sponsored sleep in the shelter to add to the occasion? Next week, we will be doing our fund-raising activity in school to support Ukraine, which promises to be very exciting! More about that in next week's news...


Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!


Thank you for all of your support.


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands

Week commencing 7.3.22


Dear Parents and Carers,


First, you will have seen the school guidance on the Ukraine situation and our advice to pupils.  As mentioned, we will be carrying out some fund-raising activities during Week 5 to raise money for a Shelter Box, and the children also have some optional home learning in the form of making a shelter. Thank you for supporting us with our new Home Learning changes: the children have done very well this week in bringing back their Home Learning Books, with their work completed. Please ensure that they are watching the videos given as this will help them in their learning. 


In English this week, we have continued to read 'Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?' and have been writing narratives based upon the dilemmas that the main characters faces, as well as (formal) letters, advising her on what to do. In Maths, we have been exploring area of 2D shapes, and in Science, we have continued comparing and contrasting the gestation periods and mass of mammals and looking at the human life-cycle. We have continued working on African Dance in P.E., and in R.E., we are continuing our work on how Jesus is depcited through Art across the ages.


Have a good weekend,


With best wishes,


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands

Week commencing 21.2.22


Dear Parents and Carers, 

I hope that you all had a good half-term holiday: it was lovely to see the class return on Monday, full of stories about their fun-filled week! Well, this week, we have begun our new book for English: ‘Where Do You Go, Birdy Jones?’ by Joanna Nadin. We are enjoying creating character portraits of the central character, Birdy, and we have been thinking about what it is like to first meet a new best friend. In Maths, we have been looking at measures, both metric and imperial. We have converted units of measurement and have also been exploring more challenging questions in relation to volume, area and perimeter. In Science, we have started a new unit on Life Cycles. We have classified mammals, amphibians, birds and insects and have looked at what makes a vertebrate. 

Please remember that in Year 6, your child should be reading at home daily for at least 20 minutes. Reading is logged and reviewed daily by parents and teachers using the Go-Read app: GoRead Parents ( 


Thank you – have a lovely weekend!


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands.

Week commencing 31.1.22


Dear Parents and Carers,

In English this week, we planned and wrote our own vlog transcripts linked to the experience of a refugee. In Maths, we began our unit on Algebra, looking at substituting symbols and letters for missing integers. In Geography, we finished researching and writing travel guides, advertising a range of landmarks and tourist destinations in North, Central and South America. We explored the digestive system in Science, and looked at IP addresses in Computing. In RSE, we explored the concept of risk-taking; whether or not risks can ever be beneficial, and what makes a risk not worth taking.


Next week, we shall be looking in more detail at poems by Michael Rosen as well as exploring Switzerland as a place of neutrality in WWII.


Have a lovely weekend,


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands

Week commencing 24.1.21


Dear Parents and Carers, 

This week, Year 6 have submitted their competition entries for a very exciting cross-curricular Science/Art project: a competition to design a logo for an initiative that shows what satellites do in the fight against Global Warming. The children have submitted some outstanding entries: please see a selection below. In other news, we have finished our English book, ‘The Journey’ and have been writing summaries and an ‘Afterword’ to the narrative and tying up the ‘loose ends’ that the original plot leaves us with. In Science, we have been thinking about what constitutes a drug and whether or not drugs are always bad for us. In RSE, we have also been looking at the health and wellbeing of young people; exploring ways in which we can improve our physical and mental wellbeing and the choices that we make. In addition to a variety of assessments, we have also done some work on making a travel brochure in Geography, while in History, looking at why it is important to remember the Holocaust. 

Next week, we shall be planning and writing vlogs in conjunction with ‘The Journey’, before moving onto a poetry book by Michael Rosen, entitled ‘On the Move: Poems about Migration. 

 Please remember to check then Home Learning on Teams, as well as to log onto ‘Go Read’ and submit a comment about your child’s home reading. 

 Thank you – have a good weekend! 


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands

Week commencing 17.1.21


Dear Parents and Carers,


We hope that you have had a good week. We are now half way through our English book, 'The Journey' and have enjoyed predicting what will happen at the end of the story. We have written texts discussing the impact of having to leave things behind as a migrant or refugee, both literally and metaphorically, and have written dairy extracts and narratives from the point of view of the main character, a mother who is taking her children from a war-torn land into safety. In Maths, we have been exploring percentages and challenging ourselves with a range of two and three-step word problems, as well as finding equivalent fractions and decimals. In History, we have been using this to calculate how much food our families would have been allowed to buy under the 1940 rationing system: only one egg per person allowed a week, and 55grams (2oz) of sweets! In Grammar, we have been looking at modal verbs, and in Computing, we have been thinking about the positive and negative uses of the internet.


The Home Learning is on Teams every Thursday: please ensure that your child selects the correct Maths homework - the lesson set by the teacher who teaches them Maths. As additional, optional homework, the children may want to watch the BBC's adaptation of 'The Diary of Anne Frank', set in World War II (link below), which also deals with the theme of migration. Please also ensure that your child is logging their reading on Go Read at least once a week.


Have a lovely weekend, and thank you for all your support.


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands


Term 3 – Year 6:



A very Happy New Year to you all, and we hope that you all had a peaceful festive season. Well, the start of term has gone very well in Year 6: it was lovely to see the children so eager to return to their learning, and we have started several new units of work which all promise to be very exciting!


In English, we have begun reading a new book entitled: 'The Journey' by Francesca Sanna, about the outbreak of war and a family having to travel across borders to escape persecution. We are also looking at a poetry book by Michael Rosen and Quentin Blake entitled: 'On the Move': this having a similar theme, that of migration. We have decided that we love Michael Rosen’s poetry: it has really captured the year group’s imagination this week, and we want to know more!         


Maths: In term 3, the children will learn all about decimals, percentages and algebra. This will include: multiplying and dividing decimals, converting between decimals and fractions, converting fraction to percentages, finding percentages of amounts, substitution, formulae and problem solving.


History: We are continuing our work on WWII, looking at the role of women in the cities and as Land Girls; the role of propaganda, and Anne Frank's diary.


Geography: We will be comparing and contrasting North, Central and South America, and planning a package holiday for each location, that takes in both city landmarks and natural wonders.


R.E: In term 3 we will explore Islam and what it means to be a Muslim. This will begin with a focus on the Five Pillars of Islam and what they each represent.


Computing: In computing this term, the children will explore how computer networks connect people in ways that allow them to work together, share information and resources.


Spanish: We will begin by recapping our knowledge of animal names as well as learning how to compare the height of our friends and ourselves. We have also begun to learn new vocabulary to describe the characteristics of our friends.


Science: In science we have looked at the effects of climate change and the greenhouse effect. We have learned about the increasing acidity and temperature of our oceans and planned and carried out investigations to test the effects of climate change on the ice caps and the creatures that live in our oceans. 


RSE: In RSE this term, the children will focus on ‘Keeping Myself Safe’. They will identify how necessary responsible and respectful behaviour is and what it looks like when interacting with others online and face-to-face.


P.E: In P.E the children are developing their fitness and stamina through multi-skills and partnered circuit activities.


Art/DT: In art, the children are focusing on craft and collage in conjunction with developing their weaving skills.


Week commencing 13.12.21


Dear Parents and Carers,


First, thank you to those of you who were able to attend our wonderful Year 5 and 6 Nativity production, 'Straw and Order' on Monday: we really enjoyed it and are very thankful that we got the chance to perform live given the current circumstances. Thank you again for all your help and support with line-learning and costumes. Well, this week, we have produced a book review of 'The Dam' and have finished some really lovely associated artwork with Mrs Clements, creating reservoirs using water colours. We have studied the poem 'The Christmas Truce' by former Poet Laureate, Carol Ann Duffy  about Christmas in the WWI trenches in 1914, and have written our own 'Christmas Truce' poems. In History, we have looked at soldiers’ experiences during World War Two, discussing whether or not all men would have wanted to fight. Other than this, we have explored drawing, reflecting and translating co-ordinates in Maths, sung Christmas carols, participated in a Christmas quiz, made Christmas cards, and have celebrated the end of a busy but very enjoyable term; not least of all with a superb Christmas lunch! 


Next term, we begin a new book entitled 'The Journey'. We shall also be exploring a number of the poems by Michael Rosen.


Have a lovely festive period: a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all when it arrives.


Mr Lucas and Miss Hollands



Please use the below link to find out more about the amazing art Y6 have been creating this term:

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