Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School



What have Dorset been doing?

The Tudors 



Using our key text, ‘Treason’ by Berlie Doherty, children will develop their reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. This text is a historical adventure that sees a young boy propelled into a dangerous world and is a thrilling read. Pupils will explore in depth the motivations and actions of different characters, explore key themes within a longer narrative, and be given a plethora of opportunities to respond creatively to a historical period of time - the Tudors. Reading sessions will continue where children develop deeper comprehension and inference skills as we build them towards secondary transition with a particular focus on Shakespeare’s plays.



Using the topic of the Tudors, children will be given the opportunity to use a variety of mediums as they will both be working on textile and cooking skills across the term on some very exciting projects.



This term the children will of course be working on their end of year production with linked learning to focus on developing musical skills, including composition and performing. Through all they do the main outcome will be on preparing for our Year 6 performance on Monday 22nd July.



Our main humanities focus will be on the Tudors as it links to the text. Within this, we will be exploring life in Tudor England, the timeline of the Tudor monarchy, crime and punishment as well as many other social, economic and political turmoil of Tudor England.



This term we will be focusing on our investigative skills applying many different mathematical areas to problems to uncover solutions whilst continuing to build on knowledge that will work towards the children’s transition to secondary school. It is as important as ever though that children keep working on their fluency in skills such as times tables, money, and telling the time which remain as important as ever and should still be worked on at home.



This term children will be given the opportunity to become app developers, considering what makes an effective app and what criteria they would use to evaluate the success of an app. Children will learn to decompose and then program a simple app linked to their topic of the Tudors. With the ever increasing use of the internet and social media, e-safety also remains an ongoing high priority. As year 6 pupils begin to think about their transition to secondary school and the greater independence that this brings, keeping safe and developing a greater understanding of online life and safety will continue to be explored throughout the term.



This term children will be exploring relationships, considering what constitutes a positive healthy relationship and how to maintain positive relationships. We will explore the topics of confidentiality and respectfully listening to others to cultivate an ethos of valuing difference We will also make links between the children’s lives and how they can demonstrate the British Values in their day to day lives. Sex and relationships education will also take place this term. Children will also complete a range of learning and secondary school transition workshops, as well as continuing to be taught by Mr Dix, Mr Davis, Mrs Clements, Mrs Bootle, Mrs Rayner, Mr Levett and Mrs Heller - providing a broad and rich curriculum and ensuring that our wonderful Year 6 children are secondary ready as they embark on the next exciting stage of their education journey.



We are following the Kent scheme, this term focuses on the topic of ‘Animals and living things’. Mrs Rayner, our science specialist, will be delivering science on a Friday afternoon.



This term we are thinking about Jesus’ time on earth and how his teachings related to the Kingdom of God. The lord’s prayer will be a particular focus of study alongside stories Jesus told. We will encourage the children to make links with their own lives and their own values.



A full P.E. kit (including trainers) should be kept in school at all times. This term Year 6 will still have specialist sports coaching, this includes rounders, cricket and athletics.



Mrs Heller will continue to teach both classes, developing conversational and written Spanish skills, and knowledge through the study of Spanish culture. We also have our exciting Madrid trip in the second week of this term.