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As we head towards half term, we look back on October as a busy time for PE. This term pupils have been focusing on a range of activities from 'Problem Solving' and 'Outdoor Adventurous Activities' to 'Athletics', 'Relay Running' and more recently 'Dodgeball'. Pupils have been thoroughly engaged in these sports and have enjoyed the different components of fitness and skill that each sport provides. Many of the classes have been using the 'Active Mile' course as part of their lesson as well as for warm ups.


The 'Active Mile' itself continues to provide the pupils with an opportunity to improve their fitness, develop their strength whilst enjoying the social and competitive side of sport. Most importantly, what I've noticed is the smiles and the excitement that I see when the pupils are engaging in all the different sports.  


For the 1/2 term I've put together some links to local walks, cycling routes and runs that pupils can do safely with their families. These can be found on the remote learning site under 'Physical Education' but I've also included some of my favourites routes below. These are mix of routes that can be done from both the front door and travelling by car. 

My Favourite Local Walks/ Cycles and Runs (By Foot and Car):


Groombridge Trails- Park at the football fields car park and walk, cycle or run the old railway trails.

Bedgebury Pinetum(Forest)- Multiple walks, hire bikes with different length trails.

Bewl Water- 13 Miles Walk- Approximately 6 hour walk.

Cuckoo Trail- Park in Heathfield (opposite Waitrose)- Cycle to Eastbourne along tarmac path and trails.

Broadwater Warren- Park in various car park and can walk across to Harrisons Rocks.

Harrisons Rocks- Park in main pay car park.

Southborough Common- Walk through the woods with various trails.

Ridgeway Fields and behind- Walk down to Viaduct and through wood paths to High Brooms. 

Bidborough Ridge- Follow steep footpath off the ridge that takes you down to Hayesden Country Park.

Kingdom at Penshurst- Cycling park and walking trails. Free parking and lovely café. Great for brunch after!


As we return to school in September the focus this year has been around improving our pupils Health and Fitness during PE Lessons. To do this successfully, we've focused on providing 2 hours of high quality PE  to every class both using a specialist PE teacher and our external provider Sprint PE and Sport.  We want pupils to enjoy their PE by both taking part and being competitive whilst improving their Fitness and Wellbeing through the Sports. 


The pictures below show the 'Active Mile' course that we've built around the edge of the school fields to allow all pupils to complete a 15 minute run at their own pace in trainers on their designated day within their year bubble. 

All the pupils have been running the Active Mile over the last month and we've really started to notice the improvement in our pupils fitness. We've also had some really impressive Active Mile times with Billy in year 5 running a brilliant 6mins 29 seconds and Bella in year 3 running 8mins 02 seconds whilst Edward in year 3 ran 7mins and 04 seconds last week. Pupils can hear their lap times as they run around as the specialist PE teacher communicates lap times to pupils as they complete a lap.

PE at home! 


Southborough Primary School aims to stay home, stay active!

Click on the links below to enjoy different ways of being active at home!

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