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Term 4 Week 3 - Science Week!

It's been wonderful welcoming the children back to school and what a way to start with Science Week! 

The children had a great time tinkering with prototypes for their NASA challenge. Please see the Sway below for more information:

Term 2 Week 4 - 27/11/20 - What have Cambridgeshire been learning?

In English, we continued reading The Great Kapok Tree. This week, we focussed in on the importance of the Amazon rainforest and how deforestation has both negative and positive effects for those living in the area, with the children holding a debate to discuss this matter further. We then took inspiration from Greta Thunberg, observing her giving a speech and picking out how to write an effective, emotive speech. 


In Maths, the children were using their multiplication understanding to discuss how multiplying or dividing a number by 10 and 100 affects the place value of each digit. We discussed when multiplying a number by 10 or 100, the place value of each digit shifts to the left and when dividing, the place value of each digit shifts to the right. On Friday, we had a very exciting lesson where we used our understanding of symmetry and shape to create some beautiful artwork which will be revealed in due course.


In Geography, we deepened our understanding of the life cycle of the Brazil nut and how our agouti friends are a key element in that cycle. The children explored the different stages and the relationships between each stage. Next week, the children will be investigating how small changes to an ecosystem can have a wider, long-lasting effect in a habitat.


In Art, the children used the stamp they created last week to produce a printed pattern. We decided on which two colours we would use and how we would set out our pattern - using tessellations and rotations, then we used rollers to bring our designs to life. 




In Science, we have been conducting an experiment to investigate the rate of evaporation of different liquids. We used four different liquids: water, salt water, vinegar and lemon juice. We left all of the samples in the same place, 4 were covered and 4 were uncovered, and we measured how much liquid was in each cup every day. This week, we inputted our results into a table and then plotted this information onto a line graph. Next week, we will be analysing our data to write a conclusion.

Cambridgeshire 4's Learning in Photos:

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2020-21.

Who's in the Year 4 Team?

A 'hello' from your new teacher, Mrs Latty: 

Dear Cambridgeshire,

I am so excited to be your teacher in Year 4! We are going to have a fantastic and creative year that begins with learning about myths and legends, folklore, Vikings and adventure in September.

The book I read to you in the video below is called, ‘The Legend of Black Rock’ and is written and illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton. The other year 4 teachers, Mrs Crumbie and Miss Wright are also reading Joe Todd-Stanton books too, you might like to listen to their stories! They might just link to our learning in September…
Alternatively, you might like to have a go at drawing one of Joe Todd Stanton’s characters yourself by following this video:


I feel very privileged to be a primary school teacher and to get the opportunity to support you on your journey as a learner. We are going to explore the curriculum together, making pit stops in geography to learn about world trade and rainforests, R.E to understand different faiths and ceremonies, Science to discover states of matter and electricity, plus much, much more!


I can’t wait to learn about your interests and hobbies too! Some of my hobbies include: cycling (road and mountain), eating (I’m definitely a ‘foody’. I love trying new foods and dishes – have any of you tried Ramen?), reading and art! What’s great about art is that there are no fixed rights and wrongs, your artwork can be exactly what you make it! I also adore animals, including cats, and you might see an appearance from my cat Ivar in the video. 

I look forward to watching all of your poem or story videos and speaking to you all on the 21st of July. Until then, take care and enjoy the lovely weather.

Mrs Latty.

Mrs Latty reads, 'The Legend of Black Rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton:

Still image for this video