Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School



Cambridgeshire 1 When the guinea pigs came to visit!
Cambridgeshire 2 We learnt to handle them gently.
Cambridgeshire 3 We learnt what food they like to eat.
Cambridgeshire 4 They were very cute!
Cambridgeshire 5 In the Butterfly House at the Horniman Museum.
Cambridgeshire 6 A beautiful butterfly landed on Jasmine's hat...
Cambridgeshire 7 ...and on Frank's back!
Cambridgeshire 8 In the Sound Garden at the Horniman Museum.
Cambridgeshire 9 Cambridgeshire in the colourful Lego Garden!
Cambridgeshire 10 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 11 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 12 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 13 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 14 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 15 Sports Day
Cambridgeshire 16 Our lovely GIFt boxes.
Cambridgeshire 17 Our lovely GIFt boxes.
Cambridgeshire 18 Our lovely GIFt boxes.
Cambridgeshire 19 Our lovely GIFt boxes.


What have Cambridgeshire been doing?

Claude in the City

In Year 2 we have had a special visitor arrive, his name is Claude. He has been introducing us to London! Our text this term is Claude in the City. In English we will continue to develop our use of language and actions to explore and convey situations, characters and emotions. Identifying and describing characters, events and settings in London fiction and using our knowledge of book conventions, structure, sequence and presentational devices to delve into and write about our rich history. Children will draft and write by noting ideas, key phrases and vocabulary, composing, rehearsing and sequencing sentences orally to form short narratives. They will explore writing for different purposes including fictional personal experiences, poetry, non-fiction and real-events. We will build on children’s understanding of re-reading and evaluating their writing to check it makes sense and make simple revisions using new and familiar punctuation correctly. Children will be building on their comprehension skills by listening to, discussing and expressing their views about books at a level beyond that which they can read independently and drawing inferences on the basis of what is being said and done. On Tuesday 2nd July the children will be visiting the Horniman Museum in London.


Maths and Times Tables

We will be consolidating and developing your child’s skills in addition, subtraction, multiplication and division in Maths, also finding fractions of amounts, handling different amounts of money and 2D & 3D shapes and their properties as well as continuing work on measuring and telling the time. We will continue to have a strong emphasis for the rest of the year on reasoning, problem solving, connecting different aspects of Maths and developing the children’s ability in using their number skills in a variety of contexts.



In geography, we will be comparing our local area with London, using maps and plans in a range of scales and recognising the geographical changes of London over time. Also the children will become more familiar with simple grid references. In history we will be exploring the history of London and how it has changed over time, making reference to significant historical figures. 



In science we will explore the school environment, survey and observe the living things to be found there. We will also think about our own bodies and how we stay healthy and the need for a variety of food in the diet.



In Computing this term, the children will be creating charts from the data they have collected. They will then discuss what data they might present in their chart from their research. For example, they could create a chart showing the number of each type of bugs found at one particular location, etc.



Hinduism is our R.E topic this term and the children will be learning about the origins of Hinduism, deities and important Hindu images. We will also be learning about the Hindu festival of Divali and how it is celebrated and its symbolism and meaning. Throughout our learning the children will be comparing Hinduism to Christianity and also how we live our own lives.



Within our Term 6 text we talk to the children about Claude’s ‘little white lie’ – Was he right to pretend to be the doctor? We will discuss whether it is ever acceptable not to tell the truth. We will also discuss friendships and how we can be a good friend to others and compromise.



Children will participate in PE lessons twice a week. This term we will be covering a range of striking & fielding games and athletics in P.E. during the week. On a Friday as part of our creative curriculum afternoon children will benefit from specialist coaching. Please ensure that a full PE kit is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons can vary on a weekly basis.


Art and D.T.

In DT children will annotate a bread recipe with food groups and evaluate whether it is healthy or not.  Children will then evaluate the process of following a recipe and baking naan bread.



Children will continue to be taught by Mrs Capewell, a specialist music teacher, on Thursday afternoons.  In music children will be rehearsing and performing with others, creating musical patterns and exploring how to organise their own musical ideas. We will also create city soundscapes using voice sounds, instruments and body percussion to encapsulate the busy city scene. They will also be exploring how musical instruments have changed over time, we are excited to find out more when we visit the historical music section at the Horniman Museum! 


Home Learning


Please return your child’s green Home Learning book, school reading book and yellow reading record.

  • In class we will have a weekly spelling and times tables check.
  • Buster Book Club bookmark sent home, please read and enjoy a book from home.



  • Please sign and return your child’s Buster Book Club bookmark.
  • Home Learning set and green book, reading book and yellow reading record sent home.
  1. RWInc sounds/ words for children having Read Write Inc. lessons.
  2. Daily Reading – Yellow Reading Record to be signed weekly by an adult.
  3. Times tables & number bonds
  4. 8 Spellings a week (5 statutory, 2 topic, 1 wizard word. Write definition of topic and wizard words. Additional challenge to write all spelling words correctly within a paragraph.)
  5. From Term 3 - Fortnightly comprehension.