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Term 1 Week 8 - 23/10/20 - What have Cambridgeshire been learning?


In English this week, we finished reading the book Arthur and the Golden Rope. We started the week discussing key features of Joe Todd Stanton’s books, focusing in on his use of illustrations to support storytelling. We then had a go at drawing our own comics showing other adventures Arthur had been on before his treacherous quest to save his town.

In Science, we used our learning from the term to solve a problem on the spot. Could we use our knowledge of the states of matter to help us create ‘ice-scrapers’? How will we build an ice skyscraper? How can we prevent the state of matter transforming from solid to liquid before we finish?


In Maths this week, we have been learning more about addition and subtraction, including subtraction with exchanging in multiple columns.

In History, we have been learning about some of the key events that happened during the Anglo-Saxon period. We thought about whether the Vikings or Saxons were in control and came to the conclusion that the power shifted multiple times during this period.  


In Textiles, we continued to work hard on our Viking sails. Our tie-dye turned out so fantastically that we spent another lesson designing and stitching on our chosen symbols to ensure they are the most fear-inducing sails possible, perfect for the Vikings!

Cambridgeshire 4's Learning in Photos:

Year 4 Curriculum Overview 2020-21.

Who's in the Year 4 Team?

A 'hello' from your new teacher, Mrs Latty: 

Dear Cambridgeshire,

I am so excited to be your teacher in Year 4! We are going to have a fantastic and creative year that begins with learning about myths and legends, folklore, Vikings and adventure in September.

The book I read to you in the video below is called, ‘The Legend of Black Rock’ and is written and illustrated by Joe Todd-Stanton. The other year 4 teachers, Mrs Crumbie and Miss Wright are also reading Joe Todd-Stanton books too, you might like to listen to their stories! They might just link to our learning in September…
Alternatively, you might like to have a go at drawing one of Joe Todd Stanton’s characters yourself by following this video:


I feel very privileged to be a primary school teacher and to get the opportunity to support you on your journey as a learner. We are going to explore the curriculum together, making pit stops in geography to learn about world trade and rainforests, R.E to understand different faiths and ceremonies, Science to discover states of matter and electricity, plus much, much more!


I can’t wait to learn about your interests and hobbies too! Some of my hobbies include: cycling (road and mountain), eating (I’m definitely a ‘foody’. I love trying new foods and dishes – have any of you tried Ramen?), reading and art! What’s great about art is that there are no fixed rights and wrongs, your artwork can be exactly what you make it! I also adore animals, including cats, and you might see an appearance from my cat Ivar in the video. 

I look forward to watching all of your poem or story videos and speaking to you all on the 21st of July. Until then, take care and enjoy the lovely weather.

Mrs Latty.

Mrs Latty reads, 'The Legend of Black Rock' by Joe Todd-Stanton:

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