Southborough Church of England Primary School

Southborough Church of England Primary School


Friday 1st July 2022:


Dear Parents and Carers,


Well, we have had an unusually varied week this week, with a number of visitors to our classroom. First, we have continued with our Crossways transition sessions: these being a series of workshops where we explore what to expect when we get to secondary school. Second, we had a visit from Kent police, with one of the police liaison officers for local secondary schools coming to talk to us about settling in, and where to get help in challenging situations. Both of these have been an enormous help in putting our minds at rest regarding the very natural questions that all primary pupils have when starting secondary school. We have also had a visit from a librarian at Southborough Library, introducing us to the Summer Reading Challenge: reading 6 novels during the summer holidays. We have continued work on 'Black and British', looking at the slave trade and the exodus of Black Africans to Barbados to work on the sugar plantations in the 17th century. In Maths, we have explored the Mean, the Median, the Mode and the Range. Lion King rehearsals continue and we are all so excited as the show begins to take shape. It is going to be fantastic!


This week is the final week for Home Learning: thank you for supporting this at home, and I hope that Reading and times tables will continue throughout the summer.


Have a lovely weekend, and enjoy the sunshine!


Dr Tara Wilson and Mrs Rachel East-Harland

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