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In reading this week we have been working on our inference skills. Inference is making an educated guess about a text based on the clues it gives us and our own understanding of the world. We have used a variety of texts to practise these skills by answering questions and making sure we answer them in full sentences. We have also used pictures to practise the skills of inference, like the one below. How do you think this character speaks? What do you think he is like? Where is he and why is he there?


In maths this week, we have continued looking at statistics. We have looked more closely at line graphs and timetables. In order to read a timetable effectively, we need to make sure we are confident with being able to tell the time. This means reading a clock, a digital clock and recognising how many minutes are in an hour.


Have a lovely half term everyone! 

In PSHE this week, we talked about how important communication is and how it feels if someone is being rude or ignoring you when you are trying to talk or tell them something important. We did some role play of different scenarios and found it can be very frustrating if someone is not listening to you. If we listen carefully, we can learn lots of important information, receive messages, find out how people are feeling and catch up with our friends, but in order for this to work we need to make sure we are using good listening skills. We came up with a toolkit of what being a good listener looks like. Some examples we came up with include- showing that we are listening and interested in what they are saying, not letting ourselves become distracted, eye contact and not talking over other people or rudely interrupting them.


Can you guess who is speaking and who is not listening from the pictures?

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Year 5 Curriculum Overview 2020-2021

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