Southborough C of E Primary School

Pupil Parliament

Southborough's Pupil Parliament

Democracy is alive within our school and as the Pupil Parliament, we are living proof of this.

Everyone has the opportunity to have their voices heard through the Pupil Parliament. The election of the class MPPs (Members of Pupil Parliament) and school prefects has been carried out in a democratic manner, with the winners of both based on the votes of the children in our school.


We are YOUR Pupil Parliament:


This year we have been raising money for the Pickering Centre in Tunbridge Wells, which provides a place for people with cancer to go, relax and chat, and gives their families extra support- they are all self-funded though. Coupled with the fact they support families at our school, we decided to help best we could. We even had Polly from the Pickering centre come in and talk to some of us about the amazing effort they put in!

We collected money at the end of the Christmas productions, and even had fun making biscuits and cakes and selling these at the Christmas fair. Fantastically, we have so far managed to raise over £1500!!

Pickering centre visit

11 of us year 6 Pupil parliament members were lucky enough to spend an afternoon at the Pickering centre, our chosen charity to fundraise for this year.  We were all really excited to go, and couldn’t wait to get stuck in and do our bit. We were also super excited to present the charity with the amazing £1600 we had raised. Across the afternoon, we all spent time talking to and entertaining volunteers and visitors; making copious amounts of tea and coffee for everyone; handing out an endless amount of biscuits; even making beds (parents take note!) There were tears of joy as Maggie presented the check to the wonderful volunteers of the centre, and many embarrassed faces (us boys more than girls) as the ladies then proceeded to give us hugs of thanks. We feel so lucky to have spent time with these wonderful people, to see how their volunteered time and effort can make such a big difference, and for us to have helped out makes us all feel so proud. We very much hope in our remaining time as part of the Pupil Parliament we can do even more to raise more money and help out in as many other ways as possible.



Pupil Parliament minutes:

These are the minutes taken in our four main meetings so far this year; please feel free to look and read. If you have any comments or would like us to discuss something at our upcoming meetings, please find your class MPP or another Pupil Palriament member.