Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 6
What have Year 6 been up to recently?


This term we will be studying the text 'Floodland' by Marcus Sedgwick and as such, will be focusing on East Anglia and the Fenland landscape.


Using the key text of ‘Floodland’, children will develop their reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. This text will provide rich writing opportunities and a range of stimuli to develop narrative, persuasive, nonfiction and first person authorial skills. Reading sessions will continue where children develop comprehension and inference skills. 


We will use a range of mediums to explore different textures and patterns using pictures from our core text as stimuli. We will use a variety of ink pen pictures to inspire us to create our own.


Singing with Mrs Bateup continues on Mondays and children will continue to get into the groove by exploring rhythm and melody, movement and dance. They will learn beat, syncopation, pitch and harmony.


Within this topic, we will be exploring the historical chronology behind the drainage of the Fens. We will be exploring the key regions and counties of the United Kingdom, particularly focusing on the region within which ‘Floodland’ is set. Within this we will compare and contrast the human and physical geography of this area to other areas of Britain.


This term our main unit will be on measurements and percentages. Within these core focuses, we will be comparing and converting different units of measurement and will be finding percentage of numbers, applying both to related questions and investigations. This will be taught using the Singapore maths approach, with an emphasis on practical maths and children finding and explaining a range of methods and strategies. Fluency in essential skills such as times tables and telling the time are still as important as ever and should still be worked on at home throughout the year if children are not yet competent. This also relates to mathematical areas already explored this year.


Children will continue their previous learning about the importance of staying safe online. Year 6 will explore further how in today’s society they need to be aware of the importance of their own privacy and how this can be achieved. This will all be closely linked with safer internet day in February. 


This term we will be helping children to learn mediation skills and deal with challenges when someone has upset them. We will also continue our ongoing focuses on friendships, as well as anti-bullying and online safety.


We are following the Kent scheme, this term focuses on the topic of ‘Light’ and the physics behind what we see. Mrs Raynor we will be delivering the science on a Friday afternoon.


This term we are studying Islam. We will be exploring what helps Muslims through their lives and how we can relate this to our own lives.



Please ensure that a full PE kit (including trainers) is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons may vary on a weekly basis. Children will participate in both indoor and outdoor PE lessons. This term children will have specialist sport’s coaching on Wednesdays and Fridays.


Spanish FlagMrs Heller will continue to teach both classes on a fortnightly basis, developing conversational and written Spanish skills and knowledge through the study of Spanish culture. Penpal letters will also be continuing.

Home Learning

 Learning is issued each Thursday and should be returned on the following Wednesday. Spellings are tested on Thursday. All Year 6 children should be reading nightly. In year 6 the children should be reading at a minimum 20 minutes.

Trips and extra-curricular activities:

Throughout Year 6 children are invited to take part in a variety of additional enrichment activities. In addition during the course of the year all children will take on roles and responsibilities reserved for Year 6 pupils, e.g. sports leaders.