Southborough C of E Primary School

Year 6
What have Year 6 been up to recently?

'Friend or foe'

This term we will be studying the text 'Stay Where You Are and Then Leave' and as such, will be focusing on the Frist World War.


Using a wide range of texts and genres from the Power of reading, children will develop their reading, writing, spelling, punctuation and grammar skills. The focus books in the first terms are ‘Stay where you are and then leave’ and ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’. Guided reading continues where children develop comprehension and inference skills. Children are encouraged to borrow books from school and can attend a lunch time library club.


We will use a range of mediums to experiment with texture, pattern and colour using images of London in The Blitz, trench warfare, air raid shelters and WW2 propaganda posters.


Children will get into the groove by exploring rhythm and melody, movement and dance. They will learn beat, syncopation, pitch and harmony. 


Our history topic for the Autumn term is the two world wars. This will include exploring concepts such as timelines, trench warfare, the changing roles of women, rationing, the impact of war on soldiers, evacuees and The Blitz, all focused around historical questions which the children will answer using their developing knowledge and analytical skills.

Our geography will see us exploring the key countries involved in the wars, including map and location work, and understanding the impact of physical and human geography.


This year children will build on core number and calculation skills using all four operations, as well as developing their knowledge of shape, space and measures, problem solving and investigating, reasoning and data handling, using the Singapore maths approach. Fluency in essential skills such as times tables, money and telling the time should be worked on at home throughout the year if children are not yet competent.


Children will continue their previous learning about the importance of staying safe online. Year 6 will explore further how in today’s society they need to be aware of the importance of their own privacy and how this can be achieved. 


We will be developing work from last year on keeping safe and healthy, making good choices, taking responsibility and working as part of a team. We will also continue our ongoing focuses on friendships, as well as anti-bullying and online safety.


We are following the Kent scheme for the next two terms which will include focuses on ‘Animals & Humans’ and ‘Electricity’, linking to our topics whilst developing the children’s scientific knowledge and investigative skills. Science will be taught by Mrs Rayner, a specialist teacher on Fridays.


This term’s theme is ‘Exploring Christianity; Creation and science’.



 Please ensure that a full PE kit (including trainers) is in school every day as our timetable for PE lessons may vary on a weekly basis. Children will participate in both indoor and outdoor PE lessons. This term children will have specialist sport’s coaching on Wednesdays and Fridays. 


Spanish FlagOn Tuesday afternoons, children will participate in Spanish lessons from our specialist Spanish teacher, Mrs Heller.

Home Learning

 Learning is issued each Thursday and should be returned on the following Wednesday. Spellings are tested on Thursday. All Year 6 children should be reading nightly. In year 6 the children should be reading at a minimum 20 minutes.

Trips and extra-curricular activities:

Throughout Year 6 children are invited to take part in a variety of additional enrichment activities. In addition during the course of the year all children will take on roles and responsibilities reserved for Year 6 pupils, e.g. sports leaders.